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Radio Silence

For the status maintained in telecommunications, see radio silence.

Radio Silence is an album by Boris Grebenshchikov, leader of the Russian group Aquarium. The album was recorded in 1989 in studios in the U.S., UK, and Canada, mostly with Western musicians, and produced by David A. Stewart. It was hailed as the first contract of a Russian (then, Soviet) rock musician with a Western label.

Having by then achieved the status of the most prominent rock musician in Russia, Boris had just recently been permitted to travel abroad (thanks to Perestroika). On most tracks, only Alexander Titov (bass) is of the then-current Russian Aquarium band, the rest being Western musicians (with the exception of Death of King Arthur where many Aquarium musicians can be heard). It was originally planned that the album would have half songs in Russian and half in English, but in the final album there are only two Russian songs on the B side.

Track listing

United States version

  1. "Radio Silence"
  2. "Winter"
  3. "The Postcard"
  4. "The Wind"
  5. "The Time"
  6. "That Voice Again"
  7. "Real Slow Today"
  8. "The Young Lions"
  9. "Mother"
  10. "Fields of My Love"
  11. "Mother"
  12. "China"
  13. "Death of King Arthur"

International version

  1. "Radio Silence"
  2. "The Postcard"
  3. "The Wind"
  4. "The Time"
  5. "Winter"
  6. "That Voice Again"
  7. "Молодые Львы (The Young Lions)"
  8. "Fields of My Love"
  9. "Death of King Arthur"
  10. "Real Slow Today"
  11. "Mother"
  12. "Китай (China)"

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