intermediate school

intermediate school

intermediate school: see school.

Francis Walsh Intermediate School is a middle school for grades five through eight in Branford, Connecticut, USA. It is infamous for having few real walls or doors, though progress is finally being made in installing them. In addition, sound-absorbing pads have been placed in several classrooms. Walsh is known for having many sports teams, a drama program, and a dance team that has placed in the top ten nationally. The school was named after Francis Walsh, the first principal of the school. It currently has over 2,000 students. Many of the students at Walsh are from different countries, like Russia; also, the school has a large Nepali minority. During the winter, Walsh gives students an opportunity to ski at local Ski Areas. It is on Damascus Road. The current principal is Robin Goeler. Recently, the school has won 11 metals from the Colt Poetry Contest. This school has placed 3rd in the Science Olympiad.

Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Softball Team
  • Dance Club
  • Baseball Team
  • Boys and Girls Basketball Teams
  • Ski Club
  • Italian Club
  • Science Olympiad
  • Wrestling Team
  • Cross Country Team

Francis Walsh is also known for its attempt at school community. Peer Meditators were set up but failed after a sudden decrease in fights. In 2008 Walsh launched a Peer Leaders that is to be resemble Peer Meditators but with a more helping the school in a different way idea. This program has not officially started until September 26, 2008 so little information is known about it.

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