Police Intelligence Department

The Police Intelligence Department (Abbreviation: PID) is a staff department of the Singapore Police Force. Its primary purpose is to collate and analyse information obtained from the various departments of the SPF, as well as other sources, to support law enforcement activities in Singapore. The department is also the staff authority on matters relating to intelligence in the Singapore Police Force.


On 1 April 1973, the Criminal Intelligence Unit (Abbreviation: CIU) was set up within the Criminal Investigation Department (Abbreviation: CID) to support CID's investigation efforts. It was then realised that there was a tremendous amount of valuable information that can be obtained from the land divisions. In October 1988, the Intelligence Division was set up within the CID following a reorganisation of the CIU structure.

On 28th March 1996, the Intelligence Division was upgraded to a full-fledged department in the SPF, marking the division's progress and reflecting its value and contribution in the fight against crime.

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