intelligence activity

Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

Marine Corps Intelligence, or the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA), is the defense intelligence arm of the United States Marine Corps and a member entity of both the Defense Intelligence Community and the United States Intelligence Community. The MCIA is, as it says of itself, "a vital part of military intelligence 'corporate enterprise,' and functions in a collegial, effective manner with other service agencies and with the joint intelligence centers of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Unified Commands."

The Marine Corps Intelligence Activity provides tailored intelligence and services to the Marine Corps, other services, and the Intelligence Community based on expeditionary mission profiles in littoral areas. It supports the development of service doctrine, force structure, training and education, and acquisition.

MCIA determines what missions the Corps needs to carry out as well as who will need to be trained for that mission. MCIA is in partnership with Office of Naval Intelligence and Coast Guard Intelligence in the National Maritime Intelligence Center and at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Quantico, Virginia.


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