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Barrett D. Johnson

Barrett Dane Johnson was born in Charlotte Amalie hospital in St. Thomas U.S.V.I. on March 18, 1969. He is a Afro-American while also being proud to be part Irish and Tahitian decent. Currently he aspires to be a record producer, while in the past his acting and professional singing along with other various projects, gave him joy.

As of October 2007, he obtain the nickname "Heru", which is adopted from his longer Kemetic name. This Kemetic name, which he plans on changing his government name to has come after a long decision to stand by his ancient spiritual beliefs. Previously, he has been known as Barry by his family and later as Bear to the populace at large.

When he was 5 he was in Crest commercials. Later (once his family moved to Los Angeles) he help his aunt Melody Jackson (who as a producer at KTTV, a Los Angeles syndicate of NBC), earn two Emmy Awards for Teen Scene, one the world's first teen-based talk shows, as well as for Munchie's Corner.

Heru presides over a media empire that includes IBN (Intelleshow Broadcasting Network), the world's first 100% all positive and proactive broadcasting network (available only on YouTube), the record label Mo beats Records, the clothing line Intelle-gear, a wearable computer inter-graded in fashionable clothing, a movie production company, and several charitable non-profit organizations. He has taken the roles of Chairman of the Bored, soon to be Kemetic priest, mentor, professional singer, recording executive, acting performer, producer and director of IBN's season lineup, writer, arranger, clothing designer, artist, 3d animator, and developer.

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