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John Paget Figg-Hoblyn

John Paget Figg-Hoblyn AB Biological science b. January 25, 1926 A Ph.D, and university professor, he was educated at Stanford University, California, United States. His doctorate dissertation in entomolomogy was titled Morphology of the Head and Foregut of Neomachilis Halophilus which was published in 1977 by the Dept. of Biological Sciences. He is a scientist and has taken many scientific field trips in rugged, wild, back country, especially Baja California, employing trucks to haul the equipment and to reside in.

Figg-Hoblyn gained notoriety as an absentee landlord when he inherited his father Francis' estate in St Colan Cornwall on his death in 1965.

Apparently, he was finally located in 1994, then living in Santa Barbara, California, but has once again since gone out of contact. The estate is apparently falling into disrepair.

For nearly 30 years Paget Figg-Hoblyn has refused to sign routine legal papers that would enable him to take possession of of land.

The reason he refuses to take his inheritance is unknown but locals who know him claim that he is a nice individual and is probabily living with local family or friends. He possibly doesn't want to disturb the Cornwall tenant farmers of the estate from enjoying the status quo, by taking possession of the Figg-Hoblyn Fir Hill Manor house, farms and estate and all that would intail. His father had a younger brother, Arthur W.Figg-Hoblyn, who had three sons, John W.Figg-Hoblyn, William D.Figg-Hoblyn, J.D., and Thomas R. Figg-Hoblyn, all of them could help restore the family estate in Cornwall, if John Paget Figg-Hoblyn enters into an agreement with them. Then they could restore it to a natural park for the use of Cornwall citizens. A lovely place of camping, hiking and learning the Cornish language on holiday.

However the running of the estate has been run by an agent based in London and over the years many acres of Figg-Hoblyn land and property including some houses has been sold off.

Figg-Hoblyn origins

The name Figg-Hoblyn comes from two families - The Figg side of the family is from the London Figgs, from James Figg, The Father of Boxing and also a world champion swordsman. The Hoblyns are an ancient Cornish family going back many, many generations. For example, they go back just 25 generations to Edward I (1239-1307) and his Spanish Queen, Eleanor, through their daughter, Princess Elizabeth Plantagnet. The "lyn" in Hoblyn in the ancient Cornish language means lake, river, well, or holy source.

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