Insure++ is a memory debugger computer program, used by software developers to detect various errors in programs written in C and C++. It is made by Parasoft, and is functionally similar to other memory debuggers, such as Purify and Valgrind.


Insure++ can automatically find erroneous accesses to free()d memory, array bounds violations, freeing unallocated memory (which often happens when a programmer free()s the same memory twice, or when he free()s global or stack memory), and many others.

Unlike Purify and Valgrind, Insure++ inserts its instrumentation at the source code level, which allows it to detect errors that the other tools miss. In particular, Insure++ can detect buffer overflows in automatic arrays, and overflows which involve pointers that accidentally "jump" from one valid memory region to another, as in the following example:

  1. include

int main()

   char *p = malloc(1024); /* first dynamically-allocated block */
   char *q = malloc(1024); /* second block */
   p += 1200; /* At this point, "p" is likely to point into the second block.
                 However, false assumptions about the real behaviour lead to mistakes. */
   *p = 'a';  /* invalid write (past the end of the first block) */
   return 0;

Also the source level instrumentation allows it to not only identify that a leak occurred, but where it occurred. Some tools merely provide information about where the memory was allocated, Insure++ also gives a stack trace for when/where the actual leak occurred.

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