Inside/Out was a 1970s educational television series.

The show was produced in 1972 and 1973 by the National Instructional Television Center (NIT), in association with various contributing stations, such as KETC in St. Louis, Missouri, WVIZ in Cleveland Ohio, WNVT-TV in Northern Virginia, and The Ontario Educational Communications Authority. It was one of the last programs to be produced by NIT; the organisation would be reformulated as the "Agency for Instructional Television" (AIT) in April 1973.

Funding for Inside/Out was provided by grants from 32 different educational agencies within the USA and Canada, with additional support from Exxon Corporation.

Overview of series

Inside/Out was an anthology series of 15-minute shorts that were designed to teach children about social issues. Instead of resorting to happy endings, as many shows of this kind had done, Inside/Out typically had cliffhanger endings, leaving the viewers to draw their own conclusions as to what they would do in similar situations.

Due to the critical acclaim for this series, some PBS stations would double-run two Inside/Out episodes in a half-hour time slot in the evening so that parents could watch this series with their children.

This series was commonly watched on classroom TV broadcasts during school hours as well as on 16mm film reels. It was a staple of daytime instructional television blocks (generally programmed by local agencies or school boards rather than by PBS) on public TV stations for many years, until at least the late 1980s.

In 1996, AIT produced an updated version of the series, Looking from the Inside/Out ().

Program Listing

  • 1. Because It's Fun
  • 2. How Do You Show...?
  • 3. Strong Feelings
  • 4. Must I/May I?
  • 5. Travelin' Shoes
  • 6. Just Joking
  • 7. But...Names Will Never Hurt?
  • 8. Home Sweet Home
  • 9. Jeff's Company
  • 10. Buy and Buy
  • 11. Can I Help?
  • 12. Living with Love
  • 13. Can Do/Can't Do
  • 14. Breakup
  • 15. Love, Susan
  • 16. Brothers and Sisters
  • 17. Someone Special
  • 18. I Want To
  • 19. When is Help?
  • 20. Bully
  • 21. But They Might Laugh
  • 22. Lost is a Feeling
  • 23. Donna (Learning to Be Yourself)
  • 24. You Belong
  • 25. Just One Place
  • 26. In My Memory
  • 27. I Dare You
  • 28. Yes, I Can
  • 29. A Sense of Joy
  • 30. Getting Even

NOTE: According to a 1972 TV Guide article, WGBH Boston banned an episode about death from its airwaves, citing that the circumstances in the episode were too realistic and may scare some children.


Won the 1974 Emmy Award for 'Outstanding Instructional Children's Programming'

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