initial training period

Initial training group

The headquarters of the Initial Training Group based in Upavon, Wiltshire is responsible for the content and delivery of all Phase 1 Training with the exception of the Infantry training provided at Catterick.

The Headquaters commands the four Army Training Regiments as well as the Army Foundation College in Harrogate as part of the Army Recruiting and Training Division who are responsible for all recruiting and training prior to becoming a fully qualified soldier or officer.

The headquarters is Commanded by Brigadier Richard Smith OBE late Rifles, supported by a number of military staff


ITG states its vision as:

ITG as an agile organisation responsive to change, sure of its purpose, secure in identity and confident in ethos.

Delivering progressive rewarding and challenging training that is safe and faired upon the laying of foundations of military character through values-based leadership by committed Permanent Staff with High Morale borne of the investment we placed in them.

Doing the right thing on a difficult day


ITG is responsible for the Army Training Regiments (ATRs)

The ATRs provide Phase 1 Training for the majority of the regiments and corp in the British Army.

  • Army Foundation College Harrogate
  • Army Training Centre Pirbright
  • Army Training Regiment Bassingbourn
  • Army Training Regiment Winchester
  • Soldier Development Wing Brecon
  • Infantry Training Centre Catterick


The Common Military Syllabus (Recruits) - CMS(R)

The Initial Training Group takes civilian recruits and turns them into partly trained soldiers. CMS(R) is the basic training common to all soldiers.

This tried and tested syllabus lasts 14 weeks and is said to produce fit, motivated individuals capable of carrying out local protection tasks in any operational environment. Those who pass are fully prepared to embark on the next phase of their Army training.

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