Inhumate are a French deathgrind band formed in 1990.

In their career they have played concerts with such band as Agathocles, Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy, Immolation, Sepultura, Malignant Tumour, Nile, Six Feet Under, Unholy Grave and Vader, in a total of 9 different European countries (France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic.


The band was formed in September 1990 by bassist Fred, who went to Strasbourg looking for musicians with whom he could form a death metal band. He quickly found Olivier (vocals), Stéphanie (drums) and David (guitar), and the band formed under the name Inhumate.

After a year, Stéphanie and Olivier left the band and were replaced by Valentin (drums) and Sébastien (vocals). With this line-up, the band became more grindcore-orientated and recorded its first demo, Abstract Suffering, in 1993. In 1994, Valentin and Sébastien left the group and were replaced by Yannick (drums) and Christophe (vocals).

This line-up remained stable and more focused on grind. In May 1995, they recorded their second demo, Grind Your Soul. In the following years, they released 4 studio albums: Internal Life (September 1996), Ex-Pulsion (November 1997), Growth (June 2000) and Life (February 2004).

In October 2006, the band's guitarist, David, left the group and was replaced by Damien.


  • Abstract Suffering demo (1993)
  • Grind Your Soul demo (1995)
  • Promo Tape 1996 promo (1996)
  • Internal Life (1996)
  • Split tape w/ Funeral March (1996)
  • Ex-Pulsion (1997)
  • Split tape w/ Exhumator (1998)
  • Split tape w/ Disembowel (1998)
  • Split tape w/ Trauma Team (1998)
  • Split tape w/ Maggot Shoes (1999)
  • Split tape w/ Sanguinary (1999)
  • Growth (2000)
  • Missed Ex-Pulsion (2001)
  • Split 7" w/ Vaginal Incest : Fetus Included (2003)
  • Live 7" (2003)
  • Life (2004)

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