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Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is a video game for the Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Color based on the character and film series Indiana Jones. It was originally launched for Windows in 1999 and was later launched for games console format.


In 1947, Sophia Hapgood, an old friend of Indiana Jones, informs him that the Russians are excavating the ruins of Babylon, and asks him to find out what they are looking for. Indy finds out that they are looking for a machine used to communicate with the Babylonian god Marduk. He finds a tablet showing the locations of the machine's pieces. Indy then embarks on a mission to find the parts to the Infernal Machine.

When Indy finds all the pieces, he gives them to Simon Turner, Sophia's boss, who takes the parts to Babylon and reconstructs the machine, and reveals he intends to use it to destroy the Communists. When he places all the parts, a cage comes up from the opening of the portal. Simon pushes Sophia into the cage, and Indy goes after him. After killing him and replacing the machine parts, the machine opens a portal to Marduk's world. Sophia falls in, and Jones jumps in after her. On the other side of the portal, Indy defeats Marduk, and he and Sophia go through another portal back to Babylon.


Professor Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr.

He holds an advanced degree in archeology from the University of Chicago, speaks and reads a dozen languages, has an encyclopedic knowledge of the past, and teaches school. Yet Indy is anything but a mild-mannered professor. He’s been everywhere, seen everything, and when he gets into trouble he knows how to get out – using his wits, his fists, his whip, a gun – whatever it takes. His boundless appetite for treasure and adventure stems from an abiding faith in the mysteries of life.

Sophia Hapgood

Indy has crossed paths with this resourceful and independent woman before. They worked a dig site in Iceland together, where she found a medallion that awakened her psychic powers. Later she helped him find Atlantis. Then, after a tumultuous romance, she disappeared. Now she's back, a spy for the newly formed Central Intelligence Agency, recruiting Jones to figure out why the Soviets are digging up Babylon.

Dr. Gennadi Volodnikov

Analytical by training, mystical by nature, this near-sighted Soviet genius spent the war years designing top secret military codes. Now he's busy investigating the ruins of Babylon, convinced that the Tower of Babel once housed a power more terrifying than America's atomic bomb. Volodnikov is an unlikely archaeologist, more at home with tea and piroshki than fieldwork. He's not much of a Party man either, but the force of his intellect keeps the Communist ideologues at bay.

Simon Turner

Simon Turner is Sophia's boss. He was a military intelligence officer who parachuted into France to help organize the Resistance during World War II. When President Truman established the CIA, Turner was one of the first to join. He's cool and competent, always near the action, rarely in it. He hates the Communists, because no one gets rich in their system.

Holy Woman

She is the last resident and apparent caretaker of an ancient sanctuary in the high mountains of Soviet Kazakhstan. Her withered frame and abrupt manner conceal a radiant energy Indy must learn to release.

PC Compatibility

The game was originally designed to work on pre-Windows XP systems, and as such may cause problems when run with Windows XP. An unofficial workaround for most of those problems has been discovered: when the player keeps an open instance of Microsoft Windows Media Player in the background while running the game, it will run correctly, although another bug may still occur and crash the game if the player tries to use explosive weapons such as the bazooka. Note that this workaround may not work on all systems. On Windows Vista the game works perfectly.

Nintendo 64 version

A release of this game was made for the Nintendo 64 system in 2000. The Nintendo 64 version featured better graphics and better player control than the PC version, with the controls based on the configurations of the Nintendo 64 controller. It was only released in America at the end of the N64's lifespan, and for some reason was exclusive to the Blockbuster chain of stores. Copies are now quite rare.

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