Jürgen Untermann

Jürgen Untermann (Rheinfelden, October 24, 1928) is a German linguist, indoeuropeanist and epigraphist.

A disciple of Hans Krahe and of Ulrich Schmoll, he studied at the University of Frankfurt and the University of Tübingen. He became a professor of Comparative Linguistics at the University of Cologne.

His research focuses on the study of the Italic and Palaeohispanic languages, described as "Trümmersprachen" (ruins-languages). He is considered the foremost expert on Palaeohispanic languages (specially the Iberian language), publishing the corpus of Palaeohispanic inscriptions in Monumenta Linguarum Hispanicarum, and systematizing the study of the ancient Iberian anthroponomastics.


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  8. Wörterbuch des Oskisch-Umbrischen. Heidelberg, 2000

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  1. | "Los etnónimos de la Hispania Antigua y las lenguas prerromnanas de la Península Ibérica" ''Complutum 2-3, 1992.
  2. | "La onomástica ibérica" Iberia nº 4, 1998


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