"Indiscretion" is an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the fifth episode of the fourth season. It introduces the character Tora Ziyal, the half-Bajoran daughter of Gul Dukat, and marks the first appearance of the Breen.


Major Kira learns that there might be survivors from the Cardassian ship Ravinok. She hopes for the particular survival of a good friend thought lost on the ship. Dukat also learns of this and goes with Kira to the Dozaria system, where the survivors were captured by the Breen and forced to work on a mining operation. Dukat hopes to find his former mistress. They land and find several graves, one of which contains the body of Dukat's former lover. They continue on, infiltrating the camp, where Kira finds her friend had been dead for some time. In the end, they rescue Tora Ziyal, Dukat's daughter.

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