In Strict Confidence

In Strict Confidence

In Strict Confidence are a German electro-industrial band. Formed in 1989/1990, they were previously known as Seal of Secrecy until 1992. In Strict Confidence has been signed to several record labels, including Metropolis Records and WTII Records.


In Strict Confidence started out as a quartet, but stripped down to a duo (Dennis Ostermann and Jörg Schelte) in 1992, releasing two demos tapes on the way to they debut release 'Cryogenix' on Zoth Ommog in 1996 (the initial pressing of this album sold out in one week), shortly followed by an EP 'Collapse'.The band left the label after releasing follow-up effort 'Face The Fear' in 1998, releasing their third album 'Love Kills!' on Bloodline two years later.

Founder member Stefan Vesper then re-joined the group in time for 'Mistrust the Angels' in 2002 with subsequent albums 'Holy' and 'Exile Paradise' appearing with two year intervals. These albums saw the project sounds diversify further, notably with increasing use of female vocals from Antje Schulz, vocalist with the band Chandeen.

Dennis Ostermann has a side project called Controlled Fusion. Stefan Vesper has produced material under his own name and also as Steve Dragon.


  • Dennis Ostermann (vocals, songwriting)
  • Jörg Schelte (songwriting, programming)
  • Stefan Vesper (drums, songwriting) (left in 1992, returned in 2001)
  • Antje Schulz (vocals, lyrics)

Former Members

  • Thomas Steiger - Keyboards (left 1992, continues in non-musical role)



  • Cryogenix, 1996
  • Face The Fear, 1997
  • Angels Anger Overkill, 1998 (Compilation)
  • Love Kills!, 2000
  • Mistrust The Angels, 2002
  • Holy, 2004
  • Exile Paradise, 2006


  • "Collapse", 1997
  • "Industrial Love/Prediction", 1998 (limit 1111 copies)
  • "Zauberschloss", 2001
  • "Herzattacke", 2002
  • "Zauberschloss/Kiss Your Shadow", 2002
  • "Engelsstaub", 2002
  • "Seven Lives", 2004
  • "Holy (The Hecq Destruxxion)", 2004 (Remix CD in metal case, limited to 1111 copies)
  • "Where Sun & Moon Unite", 2006
  • "The Serpent's Kiss", 2006
  • "Exile Paradise (The Hecq Destruxxion)", 2007 (Remix CD in metal case, limited to 1111 copies)


  • "Kiss Your Shadow", 2000
  • "The Truth Inside of Me", 2001 (limit 1500 copies)
  • "Mistrust the Bonus Edition", 2002
  • "Babylon", 2003
  • "The Sun Always Shines on TV", 2005 (limited boxset w. picture viewer, 2000 copies)


  • "Dementia", 1997 (limited 500 copies)
  • "Aghast View vs. ISC (Industrial Love)", 1998 (limit 333 copies)


  • "Sound Attack" (demo), 1992
  • "Hell Inside/Hell Outside" (doppel), 1994

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