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In-Store Broadcasting Network

InStore Broadcasting Network (also known as IBN) is a retail media provider of narrowcast in-store background music, in-store video content and advertising for delivery within supermarkets and drugstores. InStore Broadcasting Network's music programming is housed locally on a music server at each location, containing the music library and IBN's proprietary scheduling and delivery software. This software enables each server to receive new ads and playlists as often as necessary transferred over the Internet. The playlists dictate what will be played during the following week in that particular store.

For advertisers, InStore Broadcasting Network provides companies with exclusive and ubiquitous advertising throughout the store. The music fades out every few minutes, an ad spot plays, and the music fades back in.

IBN delivers its clients digital quality music, third-party advertising messages, in-house marketing communications, and telephone music on hold to their customers.


IBN reports that it provides music to over 18,000 retail and grocery stores nationwide. Its largest client base holds nationwide accounts. Included are Kroger and its subsidiaries, Safeway and its subsidiaries, Supervalu and its subsidiaries, and all Walgreens pharmacies. InStore Broadcasting Network also provides background music and retail media to regional chains such as Meijer.


InStore Broadcasting Network directly competes with the following companies:

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