In Private

In Private

"In Private" was the third single in a row to be a charting success for British singer Dusty Springfield, after nearly two decades of little if any chart success. Both "In Private" and Springfield's previous single, "Nothing Has Been Proved" were produced by Pet Shop Boys, who helped return Springfield to prominence with their 1987 hit collaboration "What Have I Done to Deserve This?". Both Springfield singles were included on her 1990 British album Reputation.

"In Private" peaked at #14 in the British charts. Though not released as a single in the America, it proved to be popular with club DJs on both coasts.

The song was later re-recorded and released in 2006 on Fundamentalism, the limited edition second disc released with the Pet Shop Boys' own album Fundamental. It is performed as a duet between Neil Tennant and Elton John. The fact that both of these are openly gay men makes the song's subject of a hidden relationship that one of the participants is ashamed to admit to all the more pointed, especially on the following lines: Neil: "What you gonna say when you run back to your wife?" / Elton: "I guess it's just the story of my life...!" / Both: "What are you gonna say...?"

This song was also recorded by the Swedish pop group, Nouveau Riche as a hidden track on their 2007 album "Pink Trash"

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