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Experiment in International Living

The Experiment in International Living, EIL, or the Experiment, is an organization offering High School, Language, Summer camp Volunteer Programs of international cross-cultural education for high school students in the United States. The Experiment in International Living introduced the concept of a homestay to the world when it was founded in 1932, placing “Experimenters” in the homes of host families to enhance the intercultural and/or language study aspects of each program. Since the introduction of homestays, organizations including the People to People Student Ambassador Program and SYA have adopted this cultural immersion technique to facilitate understanding.

The Experiment in International Living's mission remains "to foster peace through understanding, communication, and cooperation" and "to share experiences, languages, and customs with those from different traditions, with the goals of broadening horizons, gaining lifelong friends, and advancing peace.

Homestays are the focus of every Experiment program. Students spend multiple weeks of the program living with a family in their home usually separated from an urban environment. The principle of the homestay is based on World Learning's philosophy that the best way to understand another culture is to live as a member of one of its families." pair in the correct place in the body of the article.-->

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