in deliberation

Capital punishment in Texas

Capital punishment has been used in the U.S. state of Texas and its predecessor entities since 1819. Since that time 1153 people have been legally executed, by a variety of methods — hanging, firing squad, electrocution and lethal injection. Most executions were for murder, but other crimes such as piracy, cattle rustling, treason, desertion and rape have been subject to death sentences. Under the current Texas Constitution and state laws, only the crime of "capital murder" or a second conviction for the rape of someone under 14 is eligible for the death penalty (though the recent Supreme Court case Kennedy v. Louisiana removed the death penalty option for repeat rapists). In order for a murder to be a "capital murder," it must meet one of the circumstances described below under the Capital Offenses section.

For a list of executions scheduled by the State of Texas, see the website of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Scheduled Executions, at

For a full list of those executed since 1982 see the list of individuals executed in Texas.

History pre-Furman

Prior to statehood in 1845, eight executions were carried out. All were by hanging, which was the method used for almost all executions up until 1924, when the electric chair came into use. The only other method used at the time was execution by firing squad. This was used for four Confederate deserters during the American Civil War as well as a man convicted of attempted rape in 1863. Hangings were administered by the county where the trial took place. The last hanging in the state was that of Nathan Lee, a man convicted of murder and executed in Brazoria County on August 31, 1923.

The law was changed in 1923 requiring the executions be carried out on the electric chair and that they take place at the Huntsville Unit. From 1928 until 1965, this was also home to Death Row. The first executions on the electric chair were on February 8, 1924 when Charles Reynolds, Ewell Morris, George Washington, Mack Matthews, and Melvin Johnson had their death sentences carried out. As of 2005, the five executions were the most carried out on a single day in the state; current practice is to schedule only one execution on a particular day.

A total of 361 people were electrocuted by the state, with the last being Joseph Johnson on July 30, 1964. It would be 18 years until the next execution.

A de facto moratorium existed for all U.S. executions after several decisions of the United States Supreme Court, primarily the case of Furman v. Georgia, . In this case, struck down Georgia's "unitary trial" procedure, in which the jury was asked to return a verdict of guilt or innocence and, simultaneously, determine whether the defendant would be punished by death or life imprisonment. They found this to be unconstitutional, on the grounds that it was a cruel and unusual punishment, in violation of the eighth amendment to the United States Constitution.

This led to a revision of the Texas Penal Code in 1973. The first person sentenced to death under this new statute was John Devries on February 15, 1974. Devries hanged himself in his cell before he could be executed.

Post Gregg v. Georgia

The first execution after this Supreme Court decision was that of Charles Brooks, Jr. on 7 December 1982. Brooks was also the first person to die from a lethal injection in the United States and the first African American executed in United States since 1967.

Up until September 25, 2007, 405 further executions have been carried out since then. This accounts for over one third of executions carried out in the United States since 1976. For a full listing of those executed post-Gregg, see the list of individuals executed in Texas.

Reasons for the high number of executions

There are a variety of proposed legal and cultural explanations as to why Texas has more executions than any other state. The greatest reason is, of course, that statistically Texas has the second-largest population of any state, trailing only California. However, Texas also has the second-highest rate of executions per capita, trailing Oklahoma, so that while the question is legitimately raised, it could better be asked of that state before that of Texas.

Texas's appellate judges are elected by the people of the state, not appointed by another authority. As Texas's political tone is generally conservative, judges might find it advantageous to take a tough stance on crime to ensure reelection; critics also claim that the quality of these elected jurists is not as high as those appointed in other states.

The quality of court-appointed attorneys has on occasion been found to be low for capital cases in Texas. When the accused are unable to afford their own representations because of economic difficulties, they must resort to court-appointed lawyers: in some confirmed cases, these lawyers have been simply incompetent. In the case of Calvin Burdine, the lawyer fell asleep as many as ten times during the trial. Appeals were first turned down on the grounds that the constitution does not say anything about the lawyer needing to be awake during the trial, and that the lawyer had not missed important parts of the trial. After further appeals, this case has now gone back for a retrial. Much has been done to improve the quality of legal representation recently, but there are many people on death row who were sentenced under the previous laws and rules.

Further, federal appeals are made to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Michael Sharlot, dean of the University of Texas at Austin Law School, found the Fifth Circuit to be a "much more conservative circuit" than the neighbouring Ninth. According to him, the Fifth is "more deferential to the popular will" that is strongly pro-death penalty and creates few legal obstacles to execution within its jurisdiction.

Along with these legal reasons, some have argued that there are cultural reasons. James W. Marquart, Sheldon Ekland-Olson, and Jonathan R. Sorensen write in their book The Rope, the Chair, and the Needle: Capital Punishment in Texas, 1923-1990 that the execution rate in Texas is a symptom of the "cultural tradition of exclusion" in the Southern United States. They claim there has been an inverse relationship between the number of executions and lynchings: as the number of lynchings declined, the execution rate went up. Their claim is therefore that executions are a way to continue to "dehumanize" and "exclude", in their words, certain groups from normal society.

Public opinion

A 2002 Houston Chronicle poll of Texans found that when asked "Do you support the death penalty?" 69.1% responded that they did, 21.9% did not support and 9.1% were not sure or gave no answer. This is slightly higher than the support of 68% found by a Scripps Howard News Poll in March 1998. Support has fallen from 86% in 1994.

The Survey Research Program at Sam Houston State University, under the direction of Dennis Longmire, has polled Texas residents about crime related issues since 1977 through the Texas Crime Poll. In recent years, questions have surrounded the issue of capital punishment (see ). Findings suggest that 74% of the participants in the 2007 Texas Crime Poll support the death penalty for the crime of murder. Only 18% oppose its use, and 8% are uncertain about their position on the death penalty. The Texas Crime Poll reports also report capital punishment support across sociodemographic characteristics, such as age, gender, and race. The Survey Research Program provides links to Final Reports from 1977 through 2007. Also provided is the raw survey data.


The March to Stop Executions is the current name of an event organized each October since 2000 by several Texas anti-death penalty organizations, including Texas Moratorium Network, the Austin chapter of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, the Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement, Texas Students Against the Death Penalty and the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. Anti-Death Penalty Alternative Spring Break is an annual event held by Texas Students Against the Death Penalty. It serves as a training ground for students who oppose the death penalty.

Opposition Inside Texas Death Row

The Death Row Inner-Communalist Vanguard Engagement (D.R.I.V.E.) consists of several (approximately seven) men housed on death row at the Polunsky Unit. Through a variety of non-violent strategies, they have begun launching protests against the conditions at Polunsky, in particular, and capital punishment, in general. They actively seek to consistently voice complaints to the administration, to organize grievance filing to address problems. They occupy day rooms, non-violently refuse to evacuate their cells or initiate sit-ins in visiting rooms, hallways, pod runs and recreation yards when there is an act of abuse of authority by guards (verbal abuse; physical abuse; meals/recreations or showers being wrongly denied; unsanitary day rooms and showers being allowed to persist; medical being denied; paper work being denied; refusing to contact higher rank to address the problems and complaints) and when retaliation (thefts, denials, destruction of property; food restrictions; wrongful denials of visits; abuse of inmates) is carried out in response to their grievances.

Legal procedure

Capital trials and appeals are regulated differently than non-capital proceedings in Texas.


A capital trial in Texas proceeds through two phases. In the first, the guilt-innocence phase, the jury determines whether the accused is guilty or not guilty of the capital offense charged. If found guilty, then this will be followed by the punishment phase in which the jury determines whether the person will be sentenced to death or life in prison.

The guilt-innocence phase in a capital case in Texas proceeds identically to a non-capital case with the exception of voir dire (jury selection). In a capital case, voir dire is conducted individually rather than in a group and the jury is 'death qualified,' which means that jurors who express absolute opposition to the death penalty are ineligible to sit. In Texas, a person can be convicted "as a party" to the offense, including the offense of capital murder, which means a person can be convicted of capital murder even if he or she did not personally commit the elements of the crime, but is otherwise responsible for the conduct of actual perpitrator as defined by law; which includes soliciting for the act, enouraging its commission, and aiding the commission of the offense; as well as participating in a conspiracy to commit any felony where one of the conspirators commits the crime of capital murder; whether on not capital murder was the felony that was agreed to be to object of the conspiracy that was committed.

That is, in Texas; an individual (Smith) who enters into a conspiracy (with Jones) to sell stolen property (a felony, but not capital murder, or a capital offense at all), is eligible to be charged with capital murder if; in the commission of the conspiracy to; or the crime of, the sale of stolen property (Jones) perpetrates a capital murder. While this may seem illogical and/or too harsh; in deliberation(s) to reach an actual sentence, most conspiracy-related capital defendants in this situation are spared capital punishment. Their cases fail in the finding by the jury of their "moral culpability" as defined below. That is, they are held to not have "moral culpability" where their relation in the conspiracy to the actual perpetrator is without "moral culpability".

In the punishment phase of a capital murder trial in Texas, the jury must answer either two or three (if the person was convicted as a party) questions to determine whether a person is sentenced to death or will receive life. In a non-party case, the first question is whether there exists a probability the defendant would commit criminal acts of violence that would constitute a continuing threat to society (this includes both inside and outside of prison). The second question is whether, taking into consideration the circumstances of the offense, the defendant's character and background, and the personal moral culpability of the defendant, there exists sufficient mitigating circumstances to warrant a sentence of life imprisonment rather than a death sentence. If the jury answers the first question 'yes,' and the second, 'no,' the defendant is automatically sentenced to death. Any other combination of answers results in a sentence of life (as of 2005, without parole being imposed; for any crimes committed prior to September 1, 2005 but after September 1, 1991, the sentence is life with parole after 40 calendar years).

If the person was convicted as a party, an additional "anti-parties" charge is given asking whether the defendant actually caused the death of the deceased or did not actually cause the death of the deceased but intended to kill the deceased or "anticipated" that a human life would be taken. If this question is answered 'yes' in addition to the yes-no pattern listed above, a sentence of death is automatically imposed.

As a result of the special issues in death penalty cases, there are also different rules of evidence that apply in capital cases in the punishment phase than for a non-capital case. In a non-capital case, the State may introduce evidence of prior bad acts that did not result in a conviction only if "shown beyond a reasonable doubt by evidence to have been committed by the defendant or for which he could be held criminally responsible." There exists no such limitation in capital cases, and the State may introduce evidence "as to any matter that the court deems relevant to sentence" without any burden of proof. As a result, the State may present evidence in the punishment phase relating to a case for which the capital defendant has in the past already been tried and acquitted on, and this has happened in Texas.

Considerable controversy surrounds the first special issue (continuing threat to society) because of its speculative nature. In the past, the State has relied on "experts" who have opined that a particular defendant would constitute a future danger, in part, because of his race.

Direct appeal

The imposition of a death sentence in Texas results in automatic appeal to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the state's highest criminal tribunal. In a direct appeal, the record is examined for trial error. In a non-capital case, direct appeal is not automatic (one must file a notice of appeal) and the appeal is to the regional appellate court. Effective representation of counsel is a constitutional right at this stage regardless of whether the case is capital or non-capital.

Habeas corpus

In Texas, capital defendants have a state statutory (not constitutional) right to representation by counsel during their initial state habeas corpus proceedings. Habeas proceedings, unlike direct appeals, consider matters extraneous to the trial record in order to determine the constitutionality of the proceedings and hence the validity of the conviction and sentence. The habeas attorney is appointed at the same time as the direct appeal attorney, and the habeas application is due within 180 days. Following a hearing, if any, the applicant and the State both submit proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law, and the trial court is to make its own written findings of fact and conclusions of law regarding the application. and the case is at that point transferred to the Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas, which usually adopts the findings and conclusions of the trial court and renders an order either denying relief or granting a new trial as appropriate.

A study conducted by the Texas Defender Service concluded that meaningful review in practice was not occurring in habeas corpus proceedings in Texas. It found that in 79% of the capital habeas cases it studied, no hearing at all was held on the application. In 84%, the trial court's findings of fact and conclusions of law were "identical or virtually identical" to the State's proposed findings and conclusions. And in 93% of those cases, the Court of Criminal Appeals summarily adopted the trial court's findings. Critics of capital punishment in Texas note the importance of failing to provide meaningful review in state habeas proceedings, because federal law binds federal courts to defer to state courts' findings. Critics point out that the process as practiced in Texas, therefore, is driven entirely by the State, whose proposed findings are usually adopted verbatim as a routine matter.

Execution procedure

Brooks' and all subsequent executions are carried out at the East Building of the Huntsville Unit. Male Death Row inmates are housed at the Polunsky Unit, outside of Livingston, Texas, where they have individual 60 square feet cells. The prisoners are segregated from the general prison population and recreate individually. Female death row inmates are housed at the Mountain View Unit near Gatesville, Texas. The cost per day to the government of Texas was $61.58 in the 2002 fiscal year.

Under Texas law, executions are carried out at or after 6 p.m.:

"by intravenous injection of a substance or substances in a lethal quantity sufficient to cause death and until such convict is dead

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice the chemicals used for the lethal injection are:

Death should come within seven minutes of the start of the injections. According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice these chemicals cost $86.08.

Along with the executioner and those designated as assistants, those legally allowed to be present at the execution are:

  • the Board of Directors of the Department of Corrections
  • two physicians
  • the spiritual advisor of the condemned
  • the chaplains of the Department of Corrections
  • the county judge and sheriff of the county in which the crime was committed
  • no more than five relatives or friends of the condemned person. This cannot include any convicts
  • no more than five victims relatives or friends
  • five media witnesses.

Capital offenses

The following crimes are considered capital offenses under Texas state law:

  • Capital Murder
    • Murder of an on-duty public safety officer or firefighter
    • Intentional murder in the course of committing or attempting to commit a felony offense (such as kidnapping, burglary, robbery, aggravated sexual assault, arson, obstruction or retaliation, or terroristic threat)
    • Murder for remuneration (both the person who does the actual murder and the person who hired them)
    • Murder during prison escape
    • Murder of a correctional employee
    • Murder by a state prison inmate who is serving a life sentence for any of five offenses — murder, capital murder, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault, aggravated robbery
    • Murder while incarcerated with the intent to establish, maintain, or participate in a combination or in the profits of a combination
    • Multiple murders (at least two or more murders during the same "criminal act", which can involve a series of events not taking place at the same time)
    • Murder of an individual under six years of age
    • Murder of a person in retaliation for or on account of the service or status of the other person as a judge or justice of the supreme court, the court of criminal appeals, a court of appeals, a district court, a criminal district court, a constitutional county court, a statutory county court, a justice court, or a municipal court.

List of individuals executed by the State of Texas

A total of 414 individuals convicted of murder have been executed by the state of Texas since 1982. All were executed by lethal injection.

For a general overview see capital punishment in Texas.

Executed person Date of execution Victim(s) Under Governor
1 Charles Brooks, Jr. 7 December 1982 David Gregory Bill Clements
2 James David Autry 14 March 1984 Shirley Droust and Joe Broussard Mark White
3 Ronald Clark O'Bryan 31 March 1984 Timothy O'Bryan Mark White
4 Thomas Andy Barefoot 30 October 1984 Carl LeVin Mark White
5 Doyle Edward Skillern 16 January 1985 Patrick Randel Mark White
6 Stephen Peter Morin 13 March 1985 Carrie Marie Smith, Janna Bruce, and Shiela Whalen Mark White
7 Jesse De La Rosa 15 May 1985 Masaoud Ghazali Mark White
8 Charles Milton 25 June 1985 Manaree Denton Mark White
9 Henry Martinez Porter 9 July 1985 Henry Mailloux Mark White
10 Charles Francis Rumbaugh 11 September 1985 Michael Fiorello Mark White
11 Charles William Bass 12 March 1986 Charles Baker Mark White
12 Jeffrey Allen Barney 16 April 1986 Ruby Mae Longsworth Mark White
13 Jay Kelly Pinkerton 15 May 1986 Sarah Donn Lawrence Mark White
14 Rudy Ramos Esquivel 9 June 1986 Timothy Heam Mark White
15 Kenneth A. Brock 18 June 1986 Michael Sedita Mark White
16 Randy Lynn Wools 20 August 1986 Betty Stotts Mark White
17 Larry Smith 22 August 1986 Mike Mason Mark White
18 Chester Lee Wicker 26 August 1986 Suzanne Knuth Mark White
19 Michael Wayne Evans 4 December 1986 Elvira Guerrero Mark White
20 Richard Andrade 18 December 1986 Cordelia Mae Guevara Mark White
21 Ramon Pedro Hernandez 30 January 1987 Oscar Frayre Bill Clements
22 Elisio Hernandez Moreno 4 March 1987 Russell Lynn Boyd Bill Clements
23 Anthony Charles Williams 28 May 1987 Vicke Lynn Wright Bill Clements
24 Elliot Rod Johnson 24 June 1987 Joseph Granado Bill Clements
25 John Russell Thompson 8 July 1987 Mary Knuepper Bill Clements
26 Joseph Blaine Starvaggi 16 September 1987 John Denson Bill Clements
27 Robert S. Streetman 7 January 1988 Christine Baker Bill Clements
28 Donald Gene Franklin 3 November 1988 Mary Margaret Moran Bill Clements
29 Raymond Landry, Sr. 13 December 1988 Kosmas Prittis Bill Clements
30 Leon Rutherford King 22 March 1989 Michael Underwood Bill Clements
31 Stephen A. McCoy 25 May 1989 Cynthia Johnson Bill Clements
32 James Emery Paster 20 September 1989 Robert Howard Bill Clements
33 Carlos Deluna 7 December 1989 Carla Jean Lopez Bill Clements
34 Jerome Butler 21 April 1990 Nathan Oakley Bill Clements
35 Johnny Ray Anderson 17 May 1990 Ronald Goode Bill Clements
36 James Edward Smith 26 June 1990 Larry Rohus Bill Clements
37 Mikel James Derrick 18 July 1990 Edward Sonnier Bill Clements
38 Lawrence Lee Buxton 26 February 1991 Joel Slotnik Ann Richards
39 Ignacio Cuevas 23 May 1991 Julia Standley Ann Richards
40 Jerry Joe Bird 18 June 1991 Victor Trammell Ann Richards
41 James Russell 1 September 1991 Thomas Steams Ann Richards
42 G.W. Green 18 October 1991 James Russell Ann Richards
43 Joe Angel Cordova 12 November 1991 Masel Williams Ann Richards
44 Johnny Frank Garrett 11 February 1992 Tadea Benz Ann Richards
45 David Michael Clark 28 February 1992 Charles Gears and Beverly Benninghoff Ann Richards
46 Edward A. Ellis 3 March 1992 Bertie Eakins Ann Richards
47 Billy Wayne White 23 April 1992 Martha Spinks Ann Richards
48 Justin Lee May 7 May 1992 Jeaneha Murdaugh Ann Richards
49 Jesus Romero, Jr. 20 May 1992 Olga Perales Ann Richards
50 Robert Black, Jr. 22 May 1992 Sandra Black Ann Richards
51 Curtis Lee Johnson 11 August 1992 Murray Dale Sweat Ann Richards
52 James Demouchette 22 September 1992 Scott Sorell, Robert White, and Johnny Aswin Ann Richards
53 Jeffery Lee Griffin 19 November 1992 David Sobotik Ann Richards
54 Kavin Lincecum 10 December 1992 Kathy Coppedge Ann Richards
55 Sandoval "Carlos" Santana 23 March 1993 Oliver Flores Ann Richards
56 Ramón Montoya Facundo 25 March 1993 John Pasco Ann Richards
57 Darryl Elroy Stewart 4 May 1993 Donna Kate Thomas Ann Richards
58 Leonel Torres Herrera 12 May 1993 Police Officer Enrique Carrisalez Ann Richards
59 John Christopher Sawyers 18 May 1993 Ethel Delany Ann Richards
60 Markum Duff-Smith 29 June 1993 Gertrude Duff Ann Richards
61 Curtis Paul Harris 1 July 1993 Timothy Merka Ann Richards
62 Danny Ray Harris 30 July 1993 Timothy Merka Ann Richards
63 Joseph Paul Jernigan 5 August 1993 Edward Hale Ann Richards
64 David Lee Holland, Sr. 12 August 1993 Helen Barnard Ann Richards
65 Carl E. Kelly 20 August 1993 Steven Pryor Ann Richards
66 Ruben Montoya Cantu 24 August 1993 Pedro Gomez Ann Richards
67 Richard James Wilkerson 31 August 1993 Anil Varughese Ann Richards
68 Johnny James 3 September 1993 Barbara Mayfield Ann Richards
69 Antonio Nathaniel Bonham 28 September 1993 Marie McGowen Ann Richards
70 Anthony Quinn Cook 10 November 1993 David VanTassel, Jr. Ann Richards
71 Clifford X. Phillips 15 December 1993 Iris Siff Ann Richards
72 Harold Amos Barnard 2 February 1994 Tuan Nguyen Ann Richards
73 Freddie Lee Webb, Jr. 31 March 1994 Leopoldo Cantu Ann Richards
74 Richard Lee Beavers 4 April 1994 Douglas Odle Ann Richards
75 Larry Norman Anderson 26 April 1994 Zelda Webster Ann Richards
76 Paul Rougeau 3 May 1994 Albert Wilkins Ann Richards
77 Stephen Ray Netheny 27 May 1994 John McCarthy Ann Richards
78 Denton Alan Crank 14 June 1994 Terry Oringderff Ann Richards
79 Robert Nelson Drew 2 August 1994 Jeffrey Mayes Ann Richards
80 Jesse Gutierrez 16 September 1994 Dorothy McNew Ann Richards
81 George Douglas Lott 20 September 1994 Christopher Marshall and John Edwards Ann Richards
82 Walter Key Williams 5 October 1994 Daniel Leipold Ann Richards
83 Warren Eugene Bridge 22 November 1994 Walter Rose Ann Richards
84 Herman Robert Charles Clark, Jr. 6 December 1994 Joseph McClain Ann Richards
85 Raymond Carl Kinnemon 12 December 1994 Ronald Longmire Ann Richards
86 Jesse Dewayne Jacobs 4 January 1995 Etta Ann Urdiales Ann Richards
87 Mario S. Marquez 17 January 1995 Rebecca Marquez and Rachel Gutierrez George W. Bush
88 Clifton Charles Russell, Jr. 24 January 1995 Hubert Tobey George W. Bush
89 Willie Ray Williams 31 January 1995 Claude Schaffer, Jr. George W. Bush
90 Jeffrey Dean Motley 7 February 1995 Maria Adelia Duran George W. Bush
91 Billy Conn Gardner 16 February 1995 Thelma Row George W. Bush
92 Samuel Hawkins 21 February 1995 Abbe Hamilton George W. Bush
93 Noble D. Mays, Jr. 6 April 1995 Jerry Lamb George W. Bush
94 Fletcher Thomas Mann 1 June 1995 Christopher Bates George W. Bush
95 Ronald Keith Allridge 20 June 1995 Carla McMillan George W. Bush
96 John W. Fearance, Jr. 20 June 1995 Larry Faircloth George W. Bush
97 Karl Hammond 21 June 1995 Donna Lynn Vetter George W. Bush
98 Vernon Lamar Sattiewhite 15 August 1995 Sandra Sorrell George W. Bush
99 Carl Johnson, Jr. 19 September 1995 Ed Thompson George W. Bush
100 Harold Joe Lane 4 October 1995 Tommy Davis George W. Bush
101 Bernard Eugene Amos 6 December 1995 James Joe George W. Bush
102 Hai Hai Vuong 7 December 1995 Hien Quang Tau and Tien Van Nguye George W. Bush
103 Esequel Banda 11 December 1995 Merle Laird George W. Bush
104 James Michael Briddle 13 December 1995 Robert Banks George W. Bush
105 Leo Ernest Jenkins, Jr. 9 February 1996 Mark Kelley and Kara Kelley Voss George W. Bush
106 Kenneth Granviel 27 February 1996 Natasha McClendon, Steven McClendon, Martha McClendon, Laura McClendon, Linda McClendon, Betty Williams, and Vera Hill George W. Bush
107 Joe Fedelfido Gonzales, Jr. 18 September 1996 William J. Veader George W. Bush
108 Richard Lewis Brimage, Jr. 10 February 1997 Mary Beth Kunkel George W. Bush
109 John Kennedy Barefield 12 March 1997 Cindy Rounseville George W. Bush
110 David Lee Herman 2 April 1997 Jennifer Burns George W. Bush
111 David Wayne Spence 3 April 1997 Jill Montgomery, Kenneth Franks, and Raylene Rice George W. Bush
112 Billy Joe Woods 14 April 1997 Mabel Ehatt George W. Bush
113 Kenneth Edward Gentry 16 April 1997 Jimmy Dean Ham George W. Bush
114 Benjamin Herbert Boyle 21 April 1997 Gail Lenore Smith George W. Bush
115 Ernest Orville Baldree 26 April 1997 Homer Howard and Nancy Howard George W. Bush
116 Terry David Washington 7 May 1997 Beatrica Huling George W. Bush
117 Anthony Ray Westley 13 May 1997 Frank Hall George W. Bush
118 Clifton Eugene Belyeu 16 May 1997 Melodie Bolton George W. Bush
119 Richard Gerry Drinkard 19 May 1997 Ladean Hendrix, Lou Ann Anthony, and Jerry Mullis George W. Bush
120 Clarence Allen Lackey 20 May 1997 Toni Dianne Kumpf George W. Bush
121 Bruce Edwin Callins 21 May 1997 Allen Huckleberry George W. Bush
122 Larry Wayne White 22 May 1997 Elizabeth St. John George W. Bush
123 Robert Anthony Madden 28 May 1997 Herbert Megason and Don Megason George W. Bush
124 Patrick Fitzgerald Rogers 2 June 1997 David Roberts George W. Bush
125 Kenneth Bernard Harris 3 June 1997 Lisa Stonestreet George W. Bush
126 Dorsie Lee Johnson-Bey, Jr. 4 June 1997 Jack Huddleston George W. Bush
127 Davis Losada 4 June 1997 Olga Lidia Perales George W. Bush
128 Earl Russell Behringer 11 June 1997 Daniel Meyer George W. Bush
129 David Wayne Stoker 16 June 1997 David Manrique George W. Bush
130 Eddie James Johnson 17 June 1997 David Magee, Virginia Cadena, and Elizabeth Galvan George W. Bush
131 Irineo Tristán Montoya 18 June 1997 John Kilheffer George W. Bush
132 Robert Wallace West, Jr. 29 July 1997 DeAnn Klaus George W. Bush
133 James Carl Lee Davis 9 September 1997 Yvette Johnson, Tony Johnson, and Tyran Johnson George W. Bush
134 Jessel Turner 23 September 1997 Charles Hunter George W. Bush
135 Benjamin C. Stone 25 September 1997 Patsy Stone and Kathy Lynn Van Coney George W. Bush
136 John William Cocrum 30 September 1997 Eva May George W. Bush
137 Dwight Dwayne Adanandus 1 October 1997 Vernon Hanon George W. Bush
138 Ricky Lee Green 8 October 1997 Steven Fefferman George W. Bush
139 Kenneth Ray Ransom 28 October 1997 Roddy Harris, Arnold Pequeño, Joerene Pequeño, and Anil Varughese George W. Bush
140 Aua Lauti 4 November 1997 Tara Lauti George W. Bush
141 Aaron Lee Fuller 6 November 1997 Loretta Stevens George W. Bush
142 Michael Eugene Sharp 19 November 1997 Brenda Broadway George W. Bush
143 Charlie Lee Livingston 21 November 1997 Janet Caldwell George W. Bush
144 Michael Lee Lockhart 9 December 1997 Paul Douglas Hulsey, Jr. He was also sentenced to death in Indiana for the murder of Windy Gallagher and in Florida for the murder of Jennifer Coulhouer. George W. Bush
145 Karla Faye Tucker 3 February 1998 Jerry Lynn Dean and Deborah Thornton George W. Bush
146 Steven Ceon Renfro 9 February 1998 Rhena Fultner, Rose Rutledge, and George Counts George W. Bush
147 Jerry Lee Hogue 11 March 1998 Jane Markham George W. Bush
148 Joseph John Cannon 24 April 1998 Anne Walsh George W. Bush
149 Lesley Lee Gosch 24 April 1998 Rebecca Jo Patton George W. Bush
150 Frank Basil McFarland 29 April 1998 Terri Lynn Hokanson George W. Bush
151 Robert Anthony Carter 18 May 1998 Sylvia Reyes George W. Bush
152 Pedro Cruz Muniz 19 May 1998 Janis Carol Bickham George W. Bush
153 Clifford Holt Boggess 11 June 1998 Ray Vance Hazelwood and Moses Frank Collier George W. Bush
154 Johnny Dean Pyles 15 June 1998 Ray Edward Kovar George W. Bush
155 Leopoldo Navariz, Jr. 26 June 1998 Shannon Mann, Jennifer Mann, Ernest Mann, and Martha Mann George W. Bush
156 Genaro Ruiz Camacho 26 August 1998 David Wilburn George W. Bush
157 Delbert Boyd Teague, Jr. 9 September 1998 Kevin Allen George W. Bush
158 David Allen Castillo 23 September 1998 Clarencio Champion George W. Bush
159 Javier Cruz 1 October 1998 Menard Neal, and James Ryan George W. Bush
160 Jonathan Wayne Nobles 7 October 1998 Mitzi Johnson and Kelly Farquhar George W. Bush
161 Kenneth Allen McDuff 17 November 1998 Melissa Ann Northrup George W. Bush
162 Daniel Lee Corwin 7 December 1998 Alice Martin, Debra Ewing, and Mary Risinger George W. Bush
163 Jeff Emery 8 December 1998 LaShan Muhlinghaus George W. Bush
164 James Ronald Meanes 15 December 1998 Oliver Flores George W. Bush
165 John Glenn Moody 5 January 1999 Maureen Louis Maulden George W. Bush
166 Troy Dale Farris 13 January 1999 Clark Rosenbalm, Jr. George W. Bush
167 Martin Sauceda Vega 26 January 1999 James William Mims George W. Bush
168 Jorge "George" Cordova 10 December 1999 Jose Hernandez George W. Bush
169 Danny Lee Barber 11 February 1999 Janice Louis Ingram George W. Bush
170 Andrew Flores Cantu 16 February 1999 Gene Summers, Helen Summers, and Billy Mack Summers George W. Bush
171 Norman Evans Green 24 February 1999 Kenneth Hartsock George W. Bush
172 Charles Henry Rector 25 March 1999 Carolyn Kay Davis George W. Bush
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197 James Lee Beathard 9 December 1999 Gene, Linda Sue and Marcus Hathom George W. Bush
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214 Michael Lee McBride 11 May 2000 Christian Fisher and James Alan Holzler George W. Bush
215 James Davis Richardson 23 May 2000 Gerald Abay George W. Bush
216 Richard Donald Foster 24 May 2000 Gary Michael Cox George W. Bush
217 James Edward Clayton 25 May 2000 Lori Michelle Barrett George W. Bush
218 Robert Earl Carter 31 May 2000 Bobbie Davis, Nicole Davis, Denitra Davis, Lea Erin Davis, Brittany Davis, and Jason Davis George W. Bush
219 Thomas Wayne Mason 12 June 2000 Marsha Yvonne Brock and Sybil Mares Denis George W. Bush
220 John Albert Burks 14 June 2000 Jesse Contreras George W. Bush
221 Paul Selso Nuncio 15 June 2000 Pauline Crownover Farris George W. Bush
222 Gary Lee Graham 22 June 2000 Bobby Lambert George W. Bush
223 Jessy Carlos San Miguel 29 June 2000 Michael John Phelan, Theresa Fraga, Frank Fraga, and Song Trang Nyugen George W. Bush
224 Orien Cecil Joiner 26 July 2000 Carol Lynette Huckabee and Eva Marie DeForest George W. Bush
225 Juan Salvez Soria 26 July 2000 Allen E. Bolden George W. Bush
226 Brian Keith Roberson 9 August 2000 James Louis Boots and Lillian Boots George W. Bush
227 Oliver David Cruz 9 August 2000 Kelly Elizabeth Donovo George W. Bush
228 John Thomas Satterwhite 16 August 2000 Mary Francis Davis George W. Bush
229 Richard Wayne Jones 22 August 2000 Tammy Livingston George W. Bush
230 David Earl Gibbs 23 August 2000 Marietta Bryant and Carol Ackland George W. Bush
231 Jeffery Henry Caldwell 30 August 2000 Gwendolyn Caldwell, Henry Porter Caldwell, Jr., and Kimberly Caldwell George W. Bush
232 Rickey Nolen McGinn 27 September 2000 Stephanie Flanary George W. Bush
233 Jeffrey Dillingham 1 November 2000 Caren Courtney Koslow George W. Bush
234 Miguel Angel Flores 9 November 2000 Angela Marie Tyson George W. Bush
235 Stacey Lamont Lawton 15 November 2000 Dennis L. Price George W. Bush
236 Tony Neyshea Chambers 15 November 2000 Carenthia Marie Bailey George W. Bush
237 Garry Dean Miller 5 December 2000 April Marie Wilson George W. Bush
238 Daniel Joe Hittle 6 December 2000 Gerald Walker, Mary Alice Good, Christy Condon, Richard Joseph Cook, Jr., and Raymond Scott Gregg George W. Bush
239 Claude Howard Jones 8 December 2000 Allen Hilzendager George W. Bush
240 Jack Wade Clark 9 January 2001 Melisa Ann Garcia Rick Perry
241 Alvin Uriah Goodwin III 18 January 2001 James Douglas Tillerson Rick Perry
242 Caruthers Alexander 29 January 2001 Lori Bruch Rick Perry
243 Adolph Gil Hernandez 8 February 2001 Elizabeth Alvarado Rick Perry
244 Dennis Thurl Dowthitt 7 March 2001 Gracie Purnhagen Rick Perry
245 Jason Eric Massey 3 April 2001 Christina Benjamin and James Brian King Rick Perry
246 David Lee Goff 25 April 2001 Michael N. McGuire Rick Perry
247 John L. Wheat 13 June 2001 Lacey Anderson, Ashley Ochoa, and Edwardo Ochoa Rick Perry
248 Miguel A. Richardson 26 June 2001 John G. Ebbert Rick Perry
249 James Joseph Wilkens, Jr. 11 July 2001 Larry W. McMillon, Jr. and Richard Allan Wood Rick Perry
250 Mack Oran Hill 8 August 2001 Donald Franklin Johnson Rick Perry
251 Jeffrey Carlton Doughtie 16 August 2001 Jerry Lee Dean and Sylvia Dean Rick Perry
252 James Roy Knox 18 September 2001 Joseph Sanchez Rick Perry
253 Gerald Lee Mitchell 22 October 2001 Charles Marino Rick Perry
254 Jeffery Eugene Tucker 14 November 2001 Wilton B. Humphreys Rick Perry
255 Emerson Edward Rudd 15 November 2001 Steve Morgan Rick Perry
256 Vincent Edward Cooks 12 December 2001 Gary Don McCarthy Rick Perry
257 Michael Patrick Moore 9 January 2002 Christa E. Bentley Rick Perry
258 Jermarr Carlos Arnold 16 January 2002 Christine Martie Sanchez Rick Perry
259 Windell Broussard 30 January 2002 Diana Fay Harris Broussard and Corey Harris Rick Perry
260 Randall Wayne Hafdahl, Sr.
(a.k.a. Jack Douglas Cone)
21 January 2002 James D. Mitchell, Jr. Rick Perry
261 Monty Allen Delk 28 February 2002 Gene Olan Allen II Rick Perry
262 Gerald Wayne Tigner, Jr. 7 March 2002 James Williams and Michael Watkins Rick Perry
263 Jose Santellan, Sr. 10 April 2002 Yolanda Garza Rick Perry
264 William Kendrick Burns 11 April 2002 Johnny Lynn Hamlett Rick Perry
265 Gerald Dwight Casey 18 April 2002 Sonya Lynn Howell Rick Perry
266 Rodolpho Baiza Hernandez 30 April 2002 Victor Cervan Rick Perry
267 Reginald Lenard Reeves 9 May 2002 Jenny Lynn Weeks Rick Perry
268 Ronford Lee Styron, Jr. 16 May 2002 Lee Hollis Styron Rick Perry
269 Johnny Joe Martinez 22 May 2002 Clay Peterson Rick Perry
270 Napoleon Beazley 28 May 2002 John Luttig Rick Perry
271 Stanley Allison Baker, Jr. 30 May 2002 Wayne John Walters Rick Perry
272 Daniel Earl Reneau 13 June 2002 Kris Lee Keeran Rick Perry
273 Robert Otis Coulson 25 June 2002 Mary Coulson, Otis Coulson, Sarah Coulson, Robin Wentworth, and Richard Wentworth Rick Perry
274 Jeffery Lynn Williams 26 June 2002 Barbara Jackson Pullins Rick Perry
275 Richard William Kutzner 7 August 2002 Kathryn Harrison and Reta Sharon Van Huss Rick Perry
276 T.J. Jones 8 August 2002 Willard Lewis Davis Rick Perry
277 Javier Suárez Medina 14 August 2002 Lawrence Rudy Cadena Rick Perry
278 Gary Wayne Etheridge 20 August 2002 Christi Chauvierre Rick Perry
279 Toronto Markkey Patterson 28 August 2002 Kimberly Brewer, Ollie Brown, and Jenifer Brewer Rick Perry
280 Tony Lee Walker 10 September 2002 Willie Simmons and Virginia Simmons Rick Perry
281 Jessie Joe Patrick 17 September 2002 Nina Rutherford Redd Rick Perry
282 Ron Scott Shamburger 18 September 2002 Lori Ann Baker Rick Perry
283 Rex Warren Mays 24 September 2002 Kristin Wiley and Kynara Carriero Rick Perry
284 Calvin Eugene King 25 September 2002 Billy Wayne Ezell Rick Perry
285 James Rexford Powell 1 October 2002 Falyssa Van Winkle Rick Perry
286 Craig Neil Ogan, Jr. 19 November 2002 James C. Boswell Rick Perry
287 William Wesley Chappell 20 November 2002 Alexandra Heath, Martha Lindsey, and Elbert Sitton Rick Perry
288 Leonard Uresti Rojas 4 December 2002 JoAnn Reed and David Rojas Rick Perry
289 James Paul Collier 11 December 2002 Gwnedolyn Joy Reed and Timothy Reed Rick Perry
290 Samuel Clark Gallamore 14 January 2003 Verle Clayton Kenney, Juliana Kenney and Adrienne Arnot Rick Perry
291 John Richard Baltazar 15 January 2003 Adriana Marines Rick Perry
292 Robert Andrew Lookingbill 22 January 2003 Adeline Wuanita Dannenberg Rick Perry
293 Alva Eziel Curry 28 January 2003 David Vela Rick Perry
294 Richard Eugene Dinkins 29 January 2003 Katherine Thompson Rick Perry
295 Granville Riddle 30 January 2003 Ronnie Hood Bennett Rick Perry
296 John William Elliott 4 February 2003 Joyce Munguia Rick Perry
297 Henry Earl Dunn, Jr. 6 February 2003 Nicolas West Rick Perry
298 Richard Head Williams 25 February 2003 Jeanette Williams Rick Perry
299 Bobby Glen Cook 11 March 2003 Edwin Earl Holder Rick Perry
300 Keith Bernard Clay 20 March 2003 Melathethil Tom Varughese Rick Perry
301 James Blake Colburn 26 March 2003 Peggy Murphy Rick Perry
302 Juan Rodriguez Chavez 22 April 2003 Jose Morales Rick Perry
303 Roger Dale Vaughn 6 May 2003 Dora Watkins Rick Perry
304 Bruce Charles Jacobs 15 May 2003 Conrad Harris Rick Perry
305 Kia Levoy Johnson 11 June 2003 William Matthew Rains Rick Perry
306 Hilton Lewis Crawford 2 July 2003 Samuel McKay Everett Rick Perry
307 Christopher Black, Sr. 9 July 2003 Gwendolyn Black, Christina Black, and Katrese Houston Rick Perry
308 Cedric Lamont Ransom 23 July 2003 Herbert P. Primm, Jr. Rick Perry
309 Allen Wayne Janecka 24 July 2003 Kevin Wanstrath, Jon Wanstrath, and Diana Wanstrath Rick Perry
310 Larry Allen Hayes 10 September 2003 Mary Evelyn Hayes and Rosalyn Ann Robinson Rick Perry
311 Robert Lloyd Henry 20 November 2003 Carol Lea Arnold and Hazel Rumohr Rick Perry
312 Richard Charles Duncan 3 December 2003 John Abner High and Ruth Brown High Rick Perry
313 Ivan Ray Murphy, Jr. 4 December 2003 Lula Mae Denning Rick Perry
314 Ynobe Katron Matthews 6 January 2004 Carolyn Casey Rick Perry
315 Kenneth Eugene Bruce 14 January 2004 Helen Elizabeth Ayers Rick Perry
316 Kevin Lee Zimmerman 21 January 2004 Leslie Gilbert Hooks Rick Perry
317 Billy Frank Vickers 28 January 2004 Phillip Kinslow Rick Perry
318 Edwards Lewis Lagrone 11 February 2004 Shakeisha Lloyd, Zenobia Anderson and Carolina Lloyd Rick Perry
319 Bobby Ray Hopkins 12 February 2004 Jennifer Westin and Sandi Marbut Rick Perry
320 Cameron Todd Willingham 17 February 2004 Amber Louise Kuykendall, Kamon Diane Willingham, and Kameron Marie Willingham Rick Perry
321 Marcus Bridger Cotton 3 March 2004 Gil Epstein Rick Perry
322 Kelsey Patterson 18 May 2004 Louis Oates and Dorothy Harris Rick Perry
323 David Ray Harris 30 June 2004 Mark Mays Rick Perry
324 Jasen Shane Busby 25 August 2004 Tennille Thompson and Brandy Gray Rick Perry
325 James Vernon Allridge III 26 August 2004 Brian Clendennen Rick Perry
326 Andrew Perez Flores 21 September 2004 Juan Gabriel Moreno Rick Perry
327 Edward Green III 5 October 2004 Edward Perry Haden and Helen Halphen O'Sullivan Rick Perry
328 Peter J. Miniel 6 October 2004 Paul Manier Rick Perry
329 Donald Loren Aldrich 12 October 2004 Nicholas West Rick Perry
330 Ricky Eugene Morrow 20 October 2004 Mark A. Frazier Rick Perry
331 Dominique Jerome Green 26 October 2004 Andrew Lastrapes, Jr. Rick Perry
332 Lorenzo Morris 2 November 2004 Jesse Fields Rick Perry
333 Robert Brice Morrow 4 November 2004 Myra Elisabeth Allison Rick Perry
334 Demarco Markeith McCullum 9 November 2004 Michael James Burzinski Rick Perry
335 Frederick Patrick McWilliams 10 November 2004 Alfonso Rodriguez Rick Perry
336 Anthony Guy Fuentes 17 November 2004 Robert Tate Rick Perry
337 James Scott Porter 4 January 2005 Rudy Delgado Rick Perry
338 Troy Albert Kunkle 25 January 2005 Steven Wayne Horton Rick Perry
339 Dennis Wayne Bagwell 17 February 2005 Leona McBee, Tassy Boone, Libby Best and Reba Best Rick Perry
340 George Anderson Hopper 8 March 2005 Rozanne Gailiunas Rick Perry
341 Douglas Alan Roberts 20 April 2005 Jerry Velez Rick Perry
342 Lonnie Wayne Pursley 3 May 2005 Robert Earl Cook Rick Perry
343 Bryan Eric Wolfe 18 May 2005 Bertha Lemell Rick Perry
344 Richard Michael Cartwright 19 May 2005 Nick Moraida Rick Perry
345 Alexander Rey Martinez 7 June 2005 Helen Joyce Rick Perry
346 David Aaron Martinez 28 July 2005 Kiersa Paul Rick Perry
347 Gary Lynn Sterling 10 August 2005 John Wesley Carty, Deloris June Smith Rick Perry
348 Robert Alan Shields, Jr. 23 August 2005 Paula Stiner Rick Perry
349 Frances Elaine Newton 14 September 2005 Ex-husband Adrian, 23, her son, Alton, 7, and daughter, Farrah, 21 months Rick Perry
350 Ronald Ray Howard 6 October 2005 Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Bill Davidson Rick Perry
351 Luis Ramirez 20 October 2005 Hiring Edward Bell to kill Nemecio Nandin Rick Perry
352 Melvin Wayne White 3 November 2005 Jennifer Lee Gravell Rick Perry
353 Charles Daniel Thacker 9 November 2005 Karen Gail Crawford Rick Perry
354 Robert Dale Rowell 15 November 2005 Raymond David Mata Rick Perry
355 Shannon Charles Thomas 16 November 2005 Roberto Rios, Maria Rios and Victor Rios Rick Perry
356 Marion Butler Dudley 25 January 2006 Jose Tovar, Jessica Quinones, and Frank Farias Rick Perry
357 Jaime Elizalde, Jr. 31 January 2006 Juan Saenz Guajardo and Marcos Sanchez Vasquez Rick Perry
358 Robert James Neville, Jr. 8 February 2006 Amy Robinson Rick Perry
359 Clyde Smith, Jr. 15 February 2006 David Jacobs Rick Perry
360 Tommie Collins Hughes 15 March 2006 Foluke Erinkitola and Roxanne Mendoza Rick Perry
361 Robert Madrid Salazar, Jr. 22 March 2006 Adriana Gomez Rick Perry
362 Kevin Christopher Kincy 29 March 2006 Jerome Harville Rick Perry
363 Jackie Barron Wilson 4 May 2006 Lottie Margaret "Maggie" Rhodes Rick Perry
364 Jermaine Herron 17 May 2006 Betsy Nutt and Cody Nutt Rick Perry
365 Jesus Ledesma Aguilar 24 May 2006 Leonardo Chavez and Annette Chavez Rick Perry
366 Timothy Tyler Titsworth 6 June 2006 Christina Marie Sossaman Rick Perry
367 Lamont D. Reese 20 June 2006 Riki Jackson, Alonzo Stewart, and Anthony Roney Rick Perry
368 Ángel Maturino Reséndiz 27 June 2006 Claudia Benton (indicted in seven other murders) Rick Perry
369 Derrick Sean O'Brien 11 July 2006 Elizabeth Peña and Jennifer Ertman Rick Perry
370 Mauriceo Mashawn Brown 19 July 2006 Michael LaHood Jr. Rick Perry
371 Robert James Anderson 20 July 2006 Audra Reeves Rick Perry
372 William E. Wyatt, Jr. 3 August 2006 Damien Willis Rick Perry
373 Richard Hinojosa 17 August 2006 Terry Wright Rick Perry
374 Justin Chaz Fuller 24 August 2006 Donald Whittington III Rick Perry
375 Derrick Wayne Frazier 31 August 2006 Betsy Nutt, Cody Nutt Rick Perry
376 Farley Charles Matchett 12 September 2006 Uries Anderson Rick Perry
377 Gregory Lynn Summers 25 October 2006 Gene Summers, Helen Summers, and Billy Mack Summers Rick Perry
378 Donell Okeith Jackson 1 November 2006 Mario Stubblefield Rick Perry
379 Willie Marcel Shannon 8 November 2006 Benjamin Garza Rick Perry
380 Carlos Alberto Granados 10 January 2007 Anthony Jiminez Rick Perry
381 Jonathan Bryant Moore 17 January 2007 San Antonio Police Officer Fabian Dominquez Rick Perry
382 Christopher Jay Swift 30 January 2007 Amy Amel Sabeh-Swift, Sandra Stevens Sabeh Rick Perry
383 James Lewis Jackson 7 February 2007 Sharon Jackson, Ericka Mayes, Sonceria "Sonny" Mayes Rick Perry
384 Newton Burton Anderson 22 February 2007 Frank Cobb, Bertha Cobb Rick Perry
385 Donald Anthony Miller 27 February 2007 Michael Mozingo, Kenneth Whitt Rick Perry
386 Robert Anthony Martinez Perez 6 March 2007 Jose Travieso, Robert Rivas Rick Perry
387 Joseph Bennard Nichols 7 March 2007 Claude Schaffer, Jr. Rick Perry
388 Charles Anthony Nealy 20 March 2007 Jiten Bhakta Rick Perry
389 Vincent Gutierrez 28 March 2007 Jose Cobo Rick Perry
390 Roy Lee Pippin 29 March 2007 Elmer Buitrago, Fabio Buitrago Rick Perry
391 James Lee Clark 29 March 2007 Shari Catherine "Cari" Crews Rick Perry
392 Ryan Heath Dickson 26 April 2007 Marie Surace and Carmelo Suraco Rick Perry
393 Charles Edward Smith 16 May 2007 Sheriff's Deputy Tim Hudson Rick Perry
394 Michael Durwood Griffith

6 June 2007 Deborah McCormick Rick Perry
395 Lionell Gonzales Rodriguez 20 June 2007 Tracy Gee Rick Perry
396 Gilberto Guadalupe Reyes 21 June 2007 Yvette Barraz Rick Perry
397 Patrick Bryan Knight 26 June 2007 Walter Werner and Mary Ann Werner Rick Perry
398 Lonnie Earl Johnson 24 July 2007 Sean Fulk Schulz and Leroy McCaffrey Jr. Rick Perry
399 Kenneth Ray Parr 15 August 2007 Linda Malek Rick Perry
400 Johnny Ray Conner 22 August 2007 Kathyanna Nguyen and Julian Gutierrez Rick Perry
401 DaRoyce Lamont Mosley 28 August 2007 Patricia Colter Rick Perry
402 John Joe Amador 29 August 2007 Reza Ayari Rick Perry
403 Tony Roach 5 September 2007 Ronnie Dawn Hewitt Rick Perry
404 Clifford Allan Kimmel 20 September 2007 Rachel White, Susan Halverstadt, and Brent Roe Rick Perry
405 Michael Wayne Richard 25 September 2007 Marguerite Dixon Rick Perry
406 Karl Eugene Chamberlain 11 June 2008 Felicia Precht Rick Perry
407 Carlton Akee Turner Jr. 10 July 2008 Carlton Turner Sr. and Tonya Turner Rick Perry
408 Derrick Juan Sonnier-Bey 23 July 2008 Melody Flowers and Patrick Flowers Rick Perry
409 Larry Donell Davis 31 July 2008 Michael Barrow Rick Perry
410 José Medellín 5 August 2008 Elizabeth Pena and Jennifer Ertman Rick Perry
411 Heliberto Chi 7 August 2008 Armand Paliotta Rick Perry
412 Leon Dorsey 12 August 2008 James Armstrong and Brad Lindsay Rick Perry
413 Michael Rodriguez 14 August 2008 Aubrey Hawkins Rick Perry
414 William Murray 17 September 2008 Rena Ratcliff Rick Perry



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