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Definite Article

Definite Article is the title of British comedian Eddie Izzard's 1996 performance released on video and CD. The video/DVD and CD performances were both recorded on different nights at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London, England. Both recordings cover topics such as The Italian Job, Pavlov's dogs and European languages. Izzard released Glorious the next year in 1997.

CD track listing

  1. Shaftesbury Theatre
  2. Thimbles & Animals
  3. Supermarkets
  4. Old Ladies
  5. Dog Food
  6. Squeezy Squeezy Things
  7. Shoplifting
  8. Best Laid Plans
  9. Suffering Fools
  10. Latin and French
  11. France Exchange Trip
  12. Being European
  13. Romans
  14. Hannibal
  15. Handshakes
  16. Being Cool
  17. Parrots
  18. Beachy Head Suicide
  19. James Bond
  20. Chemistry
  21. Einstein
  22. Pavlov's Cats
  23. Big Bang Salmon

DVD Chapter Listing

  1. Intro and Thimbles
  2. Hairnets and Dog Food
  3. Squeezy Squeezy Thing
  4. Late Night Murderers
  5. Shoplifting
  6. Best Laid Plans of Mice
  7. Run, He Knows Latin!
  8. Romans Invade
  9. St. Paul's Letters
  10. Salutes and Handshakes
  11. Being Cool
  12. Television, Gadgets and Quiz Shows
  13. Bond Gadgets
  14. From Einstein to Pavlov
  15. The Big Bang Salmon


At the beginning of the show (as seen on the DVD), Eddie arrives on stage through a huge book which opens to reveal him sitting at the top of a staircase. The backdrop then closes and from then on the background changes at various intervals with words from selected literature projected onto the pages of the huge book. A close look reveals that every "the" has been replaced with "definite article". The chosen selections are:

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