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Images in Vogue was a Canadian New Wave group in the 1980s.

The band was formed in 1981 in Vancouver, and originally consisted of vocalist Dale Martindale, guitarist Don Gordon, synth players Joe Vizvary and Glen Nelson, bassist Gary Smith and percussionist Kevin Crompton. (The band's manager was Kim Clarke Champniss, later to become a MuchMusic VJ.)

The band released four EPs before their full-length debut, 1985's In the House. Their first notable chart hit was "Lust for Love", from the 1983 self-titled EP. Gordon left the band in 1984, and was replaced by Ed Shaw.

They also scored a Top 40 hit in 1985 with "Call it Love", which won a Juno Award for Single of the Year. The band was also named Group of the Year at that year's CASBY Awards.

Crompton left Images in Vogue in 1986, indicating that the band was too commercial for his tastes, and concentrated on his side project Skinny Puppy. Crompton was replaced by Derrick Gyles. Nelson also left the same year, and was replaced by Tim Welch.

The band considered changing its name to The Spell while recording its 1988 album, but discovered that an Australian band was already using that name. The album ended up titled as The Spell, but the band remained Images in Vogue. That album was not commercially successful, however. By June 1988, Images in Vogue could no longer count on the support of its record label and this, combined with the band's internal conflicts, influenced Gary Smith to leave the band. Images in Vogue's final concert featuring original content was at Toronto's "Opera House" in November, 1991 after which the band unofficially split as members pursued different ventures. Since then, the band has continued to release various compilation CDs featuring remixes and live, rare and unreleased songs; additionally, rare, commercially unreleased tracks are made available for download by the band at its official website Images in Vogue did reunite for gigs at Toronto's "Opera House" in 2002 and at Vancouver's "Commodore" in 2004. No full-time reformation of the band is expected as of this time.



  • 1981 - Images in Vogue
  • 1982 - Pre-release 7" EP Limited Edition (500 numbered copies released)
  • 1982 - Educated Man 12" EP
  • 1983 - 1983 Lust For Love 7" single
  • 1983 - Images in Vogue 12" EP
  • 1984 - Just Like You 7" single
  • 1984 - Rescue Me 7" single
  • 1984 - Rituals 12" EP
  • 1985 - Call It Love 7" single
  • 1985 - Call It Love 12" single
  • 1985 - Save It 7" single
  • 1986 - In The House 7" single
  • 1986 - In The House 12" single
  • 1986 - In The House 7" single (released in Australia only)
  • 1986 - In The House 12" single (released in Australia only)
  • 1988 - So Careful 7" single
  • 1988 - So Careful 12" single
  • 1988 - Strangers 7" single

Full Albums

  • 1985 - In the House
  • 1986 - In The House (released in Australia only)
  • 1988 - The Spell
  • 1994 - Best of Collection
  • 2004 - Collection Version 2.0 : Chronology
  • 2006 - Collection Version 3.0 : Evolution


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