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Farewell in Side 6

Farewell in Side 6 is the 33rd episode of Mobile Suit Gundam.

Plot summary

From the fortress of Solomon, Dozle Zabi deploys the Coskon Fleet to destroy the “White Base” to prove Char’s incompetence. He’d like to send more units for the task but he also has to worry about the Tianem Fleet that has just left Earth.

Amuro and Sayla are patrolling space with the G-Armor. She asks Amuro why he hasn’t been friendly with Fraw Bow lately. She adds that friends are important during war. Amuro says he doesn’t hate Fraw at all, but they detect a mobile armor called Braw Brow hidden behind an asteroid.

The test crew of the Braw Bro attacks them, but Amuro and Sayla retaliate and destroy parts of it. They have to return to “White Base” since they’re about to enter the neutral colony of Side 6.

Riah Republic’s District Attorney Cameron Bloom is in charge of the supervision of the placement of seals on the ship’s cannons. Bright asks whether they can get repairs and Cameron tells him that if they help either side their neutrality would be compromised.

When Cameron enters the ship’s bridge, he’s shocked to see Mirai, her ex fiancée of an arranged marriage. After the ship docks, Cameron tells Mirai he had people searching for her whereabouts. Mirai‘s disappointed he didn‘t search for her himself. The discussion is heated, so Sleggar interrupts by taking Cameron’s glasses off and punching him in the face. He asks him to treat Mirai with respect and leaves.

At a meeting, Coskon tells Char he should be ashamed of serving Kycilia and allowing the “White Base” to escape countless times. Coskon vows to show Char the correct way to fight. After Char leaves, Coskon wonders why Char always wears that mask.

Amuro, Fraw and the kids are shopping in the city. Amuro then spots his father Tem at a bookstore across the street. A desperate Amuro crosses the street and sees his father is getting on a bus. He chases the bus until Tem gets off. Amuro greets him but the first thing his father asks is about the Gundam’s performance.

He takes Amuro to his office, located in the middle of a junkyard, and gives Amuro a “new component” for the Gundam. Amuro sees it’s nothing but a piece of junk. He believes his father may have suffered brain damage due to oxygen deprivation. Amuro mentions meeting his mother on Earth, but Tem only cares obsessively about the Gundam’s component. Amuro runs away in a rage of tears and throws the component away.

He returns to the ship and is berated by Bright for leaving and coming back late without authorization. At the bridge, a business man named Bergomino offers the use of his space dock for repairs, but it is located outside Side 6. Bright orders Amuro, Sayla, Kai, Hayato and Sleggar to defend the ship as it leaves the neutral colony.

The ship is near the dock when it is detected by one of Coskon’s Rick Doms, who immediately sends out a signal. The “White Base” is attacked by Coskon’s forces, composed by twelve Rick Doms. Amuro starts destroying the enemy mobile suits.

The battle continues, and Cameron launches in a shuttle trying to stop the battle. Amuro has destroyed nine Rick Doms by himself, leaving the remaining three to the others. Coskon is horrified by “White Base”, believing it’s some kind of monster. He sees the “Zanzibar” approach the battle, and he thinks Char has come to laugh at him. Char urges Coskon to stop the attack and avoid destroying the patrol ship Cameron is in.

After the battle is over, Cameron asks Mirai to quit the Force and marry him so they can live on Riah. Mirai doesn’t want to do that, asking Cameron what he would give up for her. Mirai says he doesn’t understand what she wants since she ran away from the conflict. Cameron says he loves her, and though she finds that comforting, she leaves. Cameron tells her he’s willing to change if she tells him what is wrong.

Characters introduced

  • Capt Coskon
  • Cameron Bloom


  • episode 33 at MAHq.
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