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Chipmunks in Low Places

Chipmunks in Low Places is a country album written by John Boylan and Andrew Gold and performed by Alvin and the Chipmunks. It features cover songs as well as original material. Released on September 29, 1992, the album was a big critical and commercial success for The Chipmunks, receiving charming reviews from Disney Adventures magazine and was certified Platinum by the RIAA, becoming the group's first Platinum record and making it the Chipmunks best-selling album to date. The album reached #21 on the Billboard 200, becoming their first album to chart in ten years. The album also managed to peak at #6 on Billboard's Top Country Albums, making it the highest peaking album for the group on the chart.


Alvin is broke and is feeling "so blue" about life in general. He cheers himself up to his favorite country songs [track 1], but it’s only temporary. He brings in his favorite singers to sing with him in his latest album, but every duet ends with an argument [tracks 2-3]. His girlfriend Brittany is in the final process of breaking up with him [tracks 4 and 10]. Coming home to a dirty room, he is so depressed after seeing his guests imitate his mischief that he loses touch with reality and sinks into fairy tale addiction [track 5], refusing to clean his room in the process. At Charlie Daniels's urging, he starts to be nice to his brothers, but the conversation between them results in the unloading of a lot of unpleasant memories [track 6]. He does a concert in Nashville, but cannot resist destroying his and his brothers' instruments [tracks 7-8]. Grounded for his recent acts of mischief, he tries to hook up with Waylon Jennings, but Mr. Jennings turns down his overtures and badmouths his natural behavior [track 9]. Having scared everyone else away, he utters one final, futile act of self-indignation [track 11].


Despite its critical and commercial success, Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. expressed disappointment with this album. "It made Alvin sound too much like a wimp." Bagadasarian said in 1997. "He is meant to be naughty and a mischievous brat."
Bagdasarian vowed not to cut another Chipmunks album until after he had extinguished the version of his father's creation from the show Alvin and the Chipmunks... from the public memory. He made good on his promise, as it would be another decade before another strict Chipmunks album (Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks) would surface.

Track listing

  1. Country Pride (Paul Peterson/John Boylan) – 4:53
  2. Achy Breaky Heart (w/ Billy Ray Cyrus) (Don Von Tress) – 2:30
  3. There Isn't Anything Wrong With The Radio (w/ Aaron Tippin) (Aaron Tippin) – 4:17
  4. Stand By Your Man (w/ Tammy Wynette) (Tammy Wynette/Billy Sherill) – 4:46
  5. Gotta Believe In Pumpkins (Ross Bagdasarian/Andrew Gold) – 3:13
  6. Brothers And Old Boots (w/Charlie Daniels) (Ross Bagdasarian/Janice Karman/John Boylan) – 4:27
  7. Don’t Rock the Jukebox (w/Alan Jackson) (Alan Jackson/R. Murrah/K. Stegall) – 3:44
  8. Down at The Twist and Shout (Mary Chapin-Carpenter) – 3:28
  9. Outlaws (w/Waylon Jennings) (Waylon Jennings) – 3:51
  10. I Feel Lucky (Mary Chapin-Carpenter and Don Schlitz) – 3:09
  11. I Ain’t No Dang Cartoon (Ross Bagdasarian/Janice Karman/Andrew Gold) – 3:06

Musicians and Vocalists

Alvin Seville: vocals
Simon Seville: vocals
Theodore Seville: vocals
Brittany Miller: vocals
Jeanette Miller: vocals
Eleanor Miller: vocals
B. James Lowry: guitar
Roy Husky: bass guitar
Eddie Bayers: drums
Steve Nathan: keyboards
Owen Hale: percussion
Buddy Emmons: steel guitar
Rob Hajacos: fiddle
Andrew Gold: keyboards, guitars, and backing vocals
John Boylan: keyboards and guitars
Billy Burnette: guitar and backing vocals
Rainy Haynes: backing vocals
Sherwood Ball: backing vocals
Gerry Beckley: backing vocals

Production Credits

John Boylan: producer
Janice Karman: producer
Ross Bagdasarian: producer
Warren Peterson: engineer (Nashville unit)
Greg Parker: assistant engineer (Nashville unit)
Traci Sterling: production coordinator (Nashville unit)
Paul Grupp: engineer (Los Angeles unit)
Richard Markowitz: assistant engineer (Los Angeles unit)
Denice Ferguson: production coordinator (Los Angeles unit)
Teri Wegel: production coordinator (Los Angeles unit)
Steve "Boots" Karman: art direction
Tony Le Bruno: cover photo
Sandra: cover animation art
Kim Ellis: cover animation art


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