improvisational music

Modern Improvisational Music Association

MIMA is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit music organization located in Princeton, New Jersey that invites college jazz musicians to give free music lessons to under-served public school children. The non-profit runs an after-school program called Spinjazz providing improvisational music education.


MIMA was founded by Christoph Geiseler in 2004, who turned his own thesis into a music appreciation program for inner-city children. Originally a music association at Princeton University, MIMA was involved in organizing events ranging from drum circles and national capoeira events to academic conferences on electro-acoustic music .

MIMA's formal advisory board consists of scholars including Cornel West, Lawrence Lessig and Scott Burnham


Music education outreach project and video documentaries in China (2005) and in Brazil (2006).


The 2006 DeLucia Award


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