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Dr. Frood Fouladvand (birth name: Fathollah Manouchehri-Fouladvand) is the leader of "Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran" (Monarchy Organization of Iran), which broadcasts on the satellite channel “Your TV” that has been operating in London since 2002. “Your TV”, alike numerous other Persian channels, contributes for the endeavour to restore human rights in Iran by overthrowing the Islamic Republic, as they describe to be the root of terrorism. However, Fouladvand is not only against the Islamic Republic in Iran, but he and his colleagues criticize any Islamic activity as a whole. Their intentions are not to bash Muslims, but rather to convince them to discontinue their religion; as they do not believe that it is a proper way of life nor is it acceptable. They do so by addressing speeches nearly everyday, explaining the development of Islam and what has come of it. Dr. Fouladvand always quotes from the Qur’an and Arabic history books to support his assertions, to give his perspective of the true nature of Islam and its influences in our modern society.

Forood Fouladvand is an Iranian monarchist who has been abducted in Turkey near the Iranian border. He has called for the restoration of the Iranian Constitution of 1906. He leads a banned political party known as the Kingdom Assembly of Iran. He faces imminent execution.

The Endeavour

"Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran" (Kingdom Assembly of Iran) is the main Iranian opposition group to the Islamic regime of Iran, with Dr. Fouladvand as its founder and leader. As far as non-Muslims, Fouladvand is recognised by the majority of Iranians as the only true Iranian patriotic leader. Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran broadcasts its views and teachings on the satellite station "Your TV" (Telestar 12 and 5) and also broadcasts emissions on its official Internet TV and radio websites. Several internet websites have been created and maintained by its supporters worldwide. Kingdom Assembly of Iran is financially supported by its TV and Radio audiences and supporters only. The main goal is to restore the constitutional monarchy that was abolished by the 1979 Revolution. Dr. Fouladvand clearly stated that he has no intention of ruling Iran, and his prime objective is to free Iran from bondage with Islam, and restore Persian culture and values. Well aware of being targeted by Islamic militants, he continues to fight to reestablish the purity of Iran with devotion. Though he strongly detests Islamic culture, he is very knowledgeable in this subject matter. He is capable of fluently speaking and reading in Persian, Luri, Arabic and English. He became very familiar with the verses written in the Qur’an as he has done intensive research throughout the entire book, as well as the history of Islam. Generous enough, he has shared his knowledge on his satellite station for several years to inform the public that the negativity towards Islam is in fact valid. While on air, Dr. Fouladvand received phone calls to hear what his audience has to say, or to answer any questions. He often received phone calls from angry viewers who are offended by how he has evaluated Islam, only to be cursed and sometimes even threatened. Dr. Fouladvand is well aware of the number of people who oppose him; though he and his group continue their endeavor, hoping that one day Iran will be freed from its malignancy. Anjoman's ultimate goal is to reestablish a Zoroastrian Iran based on the pre-Islamic Persian constitution and bill of rights "aaiine rishehii," which Dr. Fouladvand has compiled from historical text in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh and other Zoroastrian texts.

Conflict with the European Union

Dr. Fouladvand and his followers claim that the European Union, Tony Blair specifically, have been supporting the regime in Iran in strive for oil. He has reasonably asked the leaders of the European Union to discontinue any further support of the regime. In one of the early broadcast emissions he quotes that "We don't ask anybody, any country, nor any power in the world to help us to change the regime. We can do it ourselves."

On Friday, June 17, 2005, (BBC Report) London police had barged into Dr. Fouladvand’s home where he and his group were arrested for advocating an armed struggle with the Iranian government. His group has been responsible for numerous demonstrations in Europe asking the leaders of the EU to drop its support for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Coincidentally, this occurred on the same day that the 2005 presidential election began in Iran. He and his group were released the following day. Apparently, Dr. Fouladvand was shot in his ribs during the bombardment from the authorities; he revealed a scar as proof when a caller accused him of lying about it. His travel documents were also confiscated, in which he retrieved with the help of an Iranian lawyer in 2006.

  • BBC report
  • Police report on the threat against Dr. Fouladvand's life

Current status

The satellite broadcast program, "Your TV", is now being hosted by Mehran Sadri who has always been the official owner of the station. Frood Fouladvand left on his final mission with his followers to overthrow the Islamic Regime in Iran on October 2006. As of that day, Fouladvand has kept in electronic-contact with his allies in London nearly every day until January 17, 2007 where all contact was lost. Presently, there are still conflicting theories of Fouladvand's status. Mehran Sadri claims that he has discontinued any further communication for security reasons and that he is well and is still in progress of his mission. However, Masoud Ansari, a doctor of Social Science and History who has contributed with broadcasts of his own on "Your TV", claims that Fouladvand has been betrayed by his imposturous allies who were in fact spies of the Islamic Regime. Ansari explained that Fouladvand was ambushed on January 17, 2007 by these traitors near the border between Turkey and Iran, and the man who led the ambush was a well-trusted ally referred to as "Farmandeh Behzad". Farmandeh Behzad was the leader of a group who exploded a construction of a dam that was intended to flood the remains of Persepolis in Iran. Apparently, considering Ansari's report, this action is now believed to have been a bribe to assure Fouladvand's trust. Ansari's report asserts that the ambush was planned for when Fouladvand was to meet with the advocates who were believed to assassinate the ruling mullahs in Iran. He claims that when Fouladvand arrived at the rendezvous-destination, Farmandeh Behzad and the other militants either opened fire on Fouladvand and his followers or seized them into custody.

According to the international police (InterPol), Dr. Fouladvand's car was found near Iran's border on March 8, 2007 with no sign from its passengers. The vehicle was severely damaged; and based on evidence at the scene, the authorities assume that a struggle had ensued.

However, despite the reliability of these theories, they are all still considered allegations and can not be supported beyond a hypothetical case.

I believe it must be mentioned that his family including all his six children have formally asserted in a public statement that Fouladvand has most likely been abducted/murdered; they have provided evidence in favour of the fact that people who are claiming that Mr Fouladvand is still alive are most definitely the remaining of Islamic Intelligent Service who try to tarnish Fouladvand's reputation by attributing some terrorist activities to this national hero. This formal statement was publicised in a few satellite television stations in Summer 2008.

Sadri responded to Ansari’s theory during a public broadcast and said that these are “speculating rumors” and denies any truth within them. He continued and proclaimed that he has not been in any contact with Fouladvand and that he will continue broadcasting the satellite station; unless Fouladvand would ever return to reassign himself as the host of “Your TV”.

(This information is from the members of the Kingdom Assembly) Forud Fouladvand is alive and free and he is hidden in iran, the source of informer is the website of the movement,


Frood Fouladvand was raised by a Muslim family in a village called Shah Valad, located in Lorestān. He enjoyed activities such as horseback riding. His parents followed Muslim religion, and was sometimes brought to a mosque. After the 1979 Revolution, the authorities were appalled of his attitudes towards them, thus he fled to Egypt in salvation. His career as a film director, producer and his political activities during his stay in Egypt made him a very well known figure in the Arab world. As a film director he was at the top of his profession which did not went unnoticed in Arabic Media. His film "Lions of Sinai" was the winner of the "International Film Festival" of Cairo and "International Film Festival of Alexandria First Prize as the Best Film Director." He was interviewed by the Arabic Media for his career and his success, but he always found an escape and his answers were purely political and to what really happened to his homeland Iran. Another great film he made in Egypt was "A man From Third World" which covers Middle Eastern situations that are still actual today. His great friendship with President Sadat leaded to great danger after the President's death. He fled Egypt around 1992 after his life was threatened to death by the Islamic fundamentalist groups of Egypt. He chose to settle in the United Kingdom as he was determined to re-establish freedom in his country as Emil Zola did.

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