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List of Polytechnic University of the Philippines organizations

The following is a list of active organizations at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

All organizations are arranged first by groups, then in alphabetical order. In this list, the abbreviation PUP (for the Polytechnic University of the Philippines) is not considered towards the alphabetization.

Institutional Organizations

In PUP exists a unique form of student government. A set of university-wide officers are elected to the highest office, aside from the set of officers elected locally within its colleges. The form of student government in PUP is a modified presidential-parliamentary structure. Also, the student government constitution stipulates that it create three independent constitutional commissions, the COSOA, COA and COMELEC.

  • Sentral na Konseho ng Mag-aaral (SKM) - sometimes called the Central Student Council (CSC). The SKM is the elected officers of the general student population. It is composed of the President, Vice President and 9 Councilors. The President will choose a Secretary and a Treasurer from the 9 councilors. SKM's function in the student government is to act as its executive branch.
  • College Student Council - the college student council is the elected officers of the colleges within the university. It is composed of the President, Vice President and five councilors. The function of college student council is to act as its college executive officers.
  • Student Consultative Assembly (SCA) - SCA is the highest policy-making body of the student government in PUP. It is mandated to promulgate student laws and other statutes. It is primarily composed of the President of SKM, Vice President of SKM, 2 councilors from SKM and the Presidents of the college councils. The president of SKM assumes the chairmanship of SCA. The SCA elects the chairman for COSOA and COA from the nominations of any member of SCA. The SCA is also mandated to elect the Commissioners for COMELEC nominated by any member of SCA.
  • COSOA (Commission on Student Organization Accreditation) - COSOA's main task is to accredit student organizations that completed its requirement to be recognized by the University office of student affairs. Also, COSOA is mandated to bar the fund raising activities of non-accredited student organization.
  • COA

Academics-based Organizations

  • PUP Aggregates
  • Association of Concerned Computer Engineering Students for Service (ACCESS)
  • BroadCircle
  • PUP Chemical Society
  • College of Engineering Honors Society
  • College of Engineering Student Society for Research And Development
  • DOST-SEI Scholars Organization
  • Economics Research Society
  • Electrical Engineering Network (EEN)
  • Electronics and Communicatons Engineering Student Society (ECESS)
  • Entrepreneurial Students Society
  • Future Business Teacher Education (FBTO)
  • JournGuild
  • Junior Financial Executives of the Philippines (JFINEX)
  • Junior Management Society
  • Junior Marketing Executives
  • Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants
  • Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
  • Kapatiran ng Talino at Galing (KATAGA)
  • PUP Math Club
  • Philippine Association of Students in Office Administrators (PASOA)
  • Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers - Association of Civil Engineering Students (PICE-ACES)
  • Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers - (PIIE-PUP Student chapter)
  • PUP Physics Society
  • Political Science Society
  • PUP Psychology Student Organization
  • School of Debaters (SOD)
  • University Information and Technology Students Volunteer Corps

Academic and Non-academic Personnel-based Organizations

  • PUP-Administrative Employees Association, Incorporated
  • Samahan ng mga Dalubguro sa Filipino (SADAFIL)
  • Samahan ng mga Janitor sa PUP (SJ-PUP)
  • Samahan ng Tunay na Manggagawang Nagmamalasakit sa PUP (STMNA-PUP)
  • Unyon ng mga Kawani sa PUP (UNAKA-PUP)

Greek-Letter Organizations

  • Alpha Kappa Rho
  • Alpha Phi Omega
  • Delta Pi Omicron Sorority
  • Gamma Epsilon Fraternity
  • Gamma Lambda Epsilon Sorority
  • Magic Five Grand Fraternity and Sorority
  • Pi Omicron Fraternity
  • Phi Lambda Theta
  • Scouts Royale Brotherhood
  • Sigma Kappa Rho
  • Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority
  • Tau Gamma Phi

Cultural and Arts-based Organizations

  • PUP-ADFA Chorale
  • PUP Bagong Himig
  • Banda Kawayan
  • PUP Brass Band
  • Dulaang Katig
  • PUP Filipiniana Dance Troupe
  • Hiliraw
  • Kabataang Artista Para Sa Tunay na Kalayaan (KARATULA)
  • Kudyapi
  • PUP-LHS Chorale
  • PUP-LHS Drama Guild
  • PUP-LHS Malikhaing Katig
  • PUP-LHS Young Entrepreneurs Society
  • PUP Maharlika Dance Artists
  • Musician's for Peace
  • PUP Polysound
  • PUP Rondalla
  • PUP Rotary Club
  • Sining Lahi Polyrepertory
  • Tanghalang Hulyo Bente-Tres, Ink.
  • Teatro Komunikado

Athletics and Sports-based Organizations

  • PUP-NDC Tennis Club
  • Samahang Sports ng Mag-aaral ng Kooperatiba (SSMAK)

Faith-based Organizations

  • PUP Achievers in Motion (PUP-AIM)
  • PUP Bread Society
  • PUP Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Christian Brotherhood International
  • Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship
  • Kristianong Kabataan para sa Bayan-PUP
  • Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement (PSALM)
  • PUP for Jesus Movement
  • PUP Seeds of the Nations (SONS)
  • PUP Student Catholic Action (PUPSCA)
  • Y Rock
  • Youth for Christ-PUP
  • Youth On Fire

Political and Advocacy-based Organizations

Organizations for Gender-based and LGBT advocacies

  • GABRIELA Youth (PUP Chapter)
  • Kabaro - Homosexual Group of PUP
  • Kabataang Liberal ng Pilipinas - Council of Ladies (KALIPI-CoLa)

Political Organizations


  • Alliance of Concerned Fraternities and Sororities
  • Alliance of Concerned Students (ACS), PUP
  • Federasyon ng mga Alumni Associations sa PUP, Inc.
  • Joint Unity of Students, Faculties and Employees for PUP (Justice for PUP)
  • PUP HAM RCG (Help, Assist, Mobilize - Radio Communications Group)
  • PUP Mountaineers Club
  • PUP Red Cross Youth (PUP RCY)

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