Flawil is a municipality in the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland with somewhat short of 10,000 inhabitants.

It is the regional centre of Untertoggenburg, but belongs to the Wahlkreis (constituency) of Wil.


The local economy is used to be strongly based on industry, which is has been declining, however. It is particularly known for the production of Swiss chocolate, in particular the Maestrani, Munz and Minor brands. Further industrial firms include FLAWA AG, producing cotton wool products and bandage material, SFS intec AG, specialised in deep drawing and impact extrusion, and BÜCHI Laboratory Equipment.


Flawil has a train station, with hourly long-distance train stops in direction Zurich and St.Gallen. The ride takes exactly one hour to Zurich and 15 minutes to St.Gallen (as of 2008). Additionally, there are local commuter trains.

The next access to the A1 national motorway are located in neighbouring towns Gossau and Uzwil


Flawil has a cantonal hospital.


Flawil population is marked with a relatively high share of immigrants, particularly of the Balkan persuasion.


Major religious activity is found in the Roman-Catholic parish St.Laurentius and the Protestant church. Additionally there are numerous smaller churches, including a Methodist community.

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