immediate reaction

Special Reaction Unit

The Special Reaction Unit is a part of the Presidential Security Group. The unit was organized in 1988 after the Counter-terrorist company ("E" Company)of the Presidential Guards and the 14th Scout Ranger Company were trained by a detachment of British Army Training Team (BATT). The first commanding officer of SRU was Capt. Jessie Dellosa. Three Army and one Air Force officers were also assigned to SRU. The unit's initial organization was based on the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT)and Immediate Reaction Platoon (IRP) of the British SAS. Though most of the unit's operational deployment were officer led (O-1 to O-3),non-commissioned officers were often given greater responsibilities during their deployments. They were highly trained in CQB, MOUT, Hostage Rescue and counter-insurgency operation using the Scout Ranger type of operation. The unit's initial weaponry are HK MP5A3, Colt 1911 cal. 45 pistol, UZI submachine gun, Benelli M1 shotguns, M16A1, M14, M60 GPMG, LAW and French made anti-tank missile. SRU successfully led a counter-attack against rebel soldiers that were closing in the Presidential Palace (Malacanang)during the December 1989 coup de etat. The unit's motto is "Swift Aggression".

The Special Reaction Unit is sometimes mistaken as the Special Reaction Group.


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