The St'át'imc (also Lillooet, Stl'atl'imx, Stl'atl'imc, Sƛ’aƛ’imxǝc, St'át'imc, Stlatliumh) are an Interior Salish people located in the southern Coast Mountains and Fraser Canyon region of the Interior of the Canadian province of British Columbia. They total about 6000.

Main Communities

Lower St'at'imc

Upper St'at'imc

The declaration of the Lillooet Tribe was made in 1911 in Spences Bridge and is the nation's declaration of ownership over lands that had been seized by non-native settlers at Seton Portage at onset of the 20th Century, and is considered a general statement of principle regarding ownership of all traditional territories of the St'at'imcets-speaking peoples. The Declaration of the Lilooet Tribe is the Lillooet Tribe's first formal declaration to the world of the tribes status as a Country, in International terms, as they understood them at that time. The Declaration is mentioned as the foundation document of all the various organizations of the Lillooet Tribe in place today, such as the St'at'imc Chiefs Council, Lillooet Tribal Council and the In-SHUCK-ch Nation. The Declaration brings the tribe together at the grassroots level as a Country.


The language of the Sťaťimc people is St'at'imcets (also known as Lillooet), a member of the Interior Salish group which includes the languages of the neighbouring Secwepemc (Shuswap) and Nlaka'pamux (Thompson) peoples.

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