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Ill Will Records

The Jones Experience is the Def Jam imprint of rapper Nas. He launched his imprint in autumn 1999 as The Ill fated Ill Will Records with his fourth studio album Nastradamus. The Ill Will label was named after Willie Graham, Nas' childhood neighbor and best friend, who was shot dead on May 23, 1992 when both were teenagers.

After Nas released his God's Son LP in 2002, he began helping the Bravehearts, made up of his younger brother Jungle and friend Wiz (Wizard), put together their debut album, Bravehearted. The album features guest appearances from Nas, Nashawn (Millennium Thug), Lil Jon, and Mya.

Ill Will had distributed the Bravehearts through Columbia Records and Former Artist Quan through Atlantic Records. Current artists include Nas himself,& The Bravehearts.



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