Iddo, in the Bible. 1 Ruler of Manasseh. 2 Father of one of Solomon's stewards. 3 Prophet, whose book is mentioned as a source. 4 Father or grandfather of the prophet Zechariah. 5 A leader in the return from the Exile. 6 See Adaiah 2.
Iddo (עדו also עידו) was a minor biblical prophet, who appears to have lived during the reigns of King Solomon and his heirs, Rehoboam and Abijah in the Kingdom of Judah. Though little is known about him, and he appears only in the Books of Chronicles, Iddo seems to have been rather prolific in his day, with his prophecies concerning the rival King Jeroboam I of Israel recorded in a lost book of visions (see ). He also composed a history of King Rehoboam, known as the "Words of Shemaiah the Prophet and Iddo the Seer" and of his son King Abijah (). Some, such as Rashi, identify him with the unidentified "man of God" from I Kings 13.

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