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Operation Junkyard

Operation Junkyard debuted in fall 2002 as part of the Discovery Kids Saturday morning programming schedule. Essentially a spin-off of TLC's popular series Junkyard Wars, OP/JY featured teams of teens that were challenged to build gadgets out of junk in six hours. Teams featured on the show include the Rummaging Robots and Jurassic Junkers, and the teams were tasked to build gadgets like water bailing machines, mud scooters, and remote control battleships.

At the beginning of each show the challenge of the day was revealed and teams attempted to collect "bodgits" by completing small challenges. "Bodgits" were helpful advantages that teams could earn, including time with the on-set engineer or special parts for use in their build.


  • Blue Team: Rob Czar
  • Red Team: Kamaya J


  • Jurassic Junkers
  • Banging Builders
  • Rummaging Robots
  • Scrap Scavengers
  • Scrap Heap Henchmen
  • Gearhead Gremlins
  • Renegade Recyclers
  • Junkyard Jugglers
  • Funky Junkers
  • Raging Racers
  • Demolition Dudes


  • Episode 1: Catapult
  • Episode 2: Water Bailer
  • Episode 3: Water Bike
  • Episode 4: Cannon
  • Episode 5: Baseball Pitcher
  • Episode 6: Master Water Blaster
  • Episode 7: Go Cart
  • Episode 8: Mechanical Crane
  • Episode 9: Ice Drag Racer
  • Episode 10: Mud Scooter
  • Episode 11: Pie Filling Machine
  • Episode 12: Battleship

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