For ICCS as an international commission for Vietnam War see International Commission of Control and Supervision.

International Coin Certification Service (ICCS) is a third-party appraisal service for grading coins. It determines the condition and authenticity of each coin it grades to provide consumers with a rating on which to judge the coin. It was founded in 1986, and is located in Toronto, Ontario. The company will grade coins from most countries but is particularly known for grading coins of the Canadian dollar. ICCS is respected for offering conservative and consistent grades. They currently package coins they have certified in a PET film envelope which is sealed in an outer flip style envelope. The other side of the flip is sealed with the ICCS grading certificate. The certificate shows the assigned grade, a certification number and any comments, (cleaned, coin variety, etc), that apply to the coin. The company recognizes major varieties and many minor ones.


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