Ibert, Jacques

Ibert, Jacques

Ibert, Jacques, 1890-1962, French composer. Ibert, a pupil of Fauré, won the Prix de Rome in 1919. His music is generally bright, colorful, and tuneful. Among the most popular of Ibert's works are Escales (Ports of Call, 1924) and Divertissement (1930), for orchestra; concertos for flute (1934) and for saxophone (1935); Trois pièces brèves (1930) for woodwind quintet; and the piano suite Histoires. He also wrote many ballets, operas, and sets of incidental music.
Jacques is the French equivalent of Jake (and subsequently Jacob or James). In French it is pronounced /ʒɑk/, but in English it is traditionally pronounced /ˈdʒeɪˌkwɛz/ as a first name and /dʒeks/ (North America) or /dʒeɪks/ (United Kingdom) as a last. It can refer to:

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