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(I'm) Stranded

(I'm) Stranded is the first album by Australian rock group The Saints.

Track listing

  1. "(I'm) Stranded" (Ed Kuepper, Chris Bailey)
  2. "One Way Street" (Kuepper, Bailey)
  3. "Wild About You" (Andy James)
  4. "Messin' With the Kid" (Kuepper, Bailey)
  5. "Erotic Neurotic" (Kuepper, Bailey)
  6. "No Time" (Kuepper, Bailey)
  7. "Kissin' Cousins" (Fred Wise, Randy Starr)
  8. "Story of Love" (Kuepper)
  9. "Demolition Girl" (Kuepper)
  10. "Nights in Venice" (Kuepper, Bailey)

2007 Reissue

In 2007, (I'm) Stranded was reissued with bonus tracks including the EP One Two Three Four.

11. "Untitled" [outtake From (I'm) Stranded]
12. "This Perfect Day" [single Version]
13. "L-i-e-s"
14. "Do The Robot"
15. "Lipstick On Your Collar" [from The Ep One Two Three Four]
16. "One Way Street" [from The Ep One Two Three Four]
17. "Demolition Girl" [from The Ep One Two Three Four]
18. "River Deep Mountain High" [from The Ep One Two Three Four]

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