i hear you


I-See-You.Com (2006) is a comedy film directed and co-written by Eric Steven Stahl, starring Beau Bridges and Rosanna Arquette.


Colby (Mathew Botuchis), son of Lydia (Rosanna Arquette) and stepson of Harvey Bellinger (Beau Bridges), buys mini-cameras from the internet and installs them in every room of the house. With the help of his girlfriend Randi Sommers (Shiri Appleby), he broadcasts the cameras to a website,

After a while, the family finds out about the cameras. They become angry at Colby, but after finding out the website makes $17,000 a week, the family agrees to continue with the online show. They begin acting differently around the camera and the visitor count begins dwindling, so to boost the website's popularity, they bring an attractive Italian guy, Ciro (Victor Alfieri), to live in the house. The sexual tension between Ciro, Audrey, and Lydia boosts the site to over 10 million visitors. In interviews, Colby takes all the credit of the ideas and running the website, making Randi angry. When Harvey catches Lydia trying to seduce Ciro in the middle of the night, the whole family becomes dysfunctional, eventually leading up to Harvey blowing up the house.


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