Tour de France à la voile

Tour de France à la voile is an annual yachting race around the coast of France. Inaugurated in 1978, it links the English Channel to the French Riviera and is held in July.

Famous skippers have taken part in the race, including the likes Loïck Peyron to the three time America's Cup winner Russell Coutts. The race is however, not reserved for professionals, and it also attracts amateurs and students thanks to three distinct rankings.

The race visits around ten harbours along the French coast. It includes one or two day coastal stages - that vary from year to year - as well as intensive regattas at the various ports. The boats are transported by road (trucks) midway through the race to from stages held in the Atlantic Ocean to those in the Mediterranean Sea.


Every team sails on the same type of boat in order that only the sailing skills of the teams are judged and not the boat engineering. The boats are about 10m long and are designed for racing with a crew of 7-8 sailors. A few boats replaced each other since the creation of the race:

  • Écume de mer
  • First 30
  • Rush Royale
  • Sélection
  • JOD 35
  • Mumm 30

List of previous winners

Year Boat Skipper
1978 Marseille François Paillou
1979 Dunkerque Joé Setten
1980 Dunkerque Damien Savatier
1981 Dunkerque Damien Savatier
1982 Marseille Jean-Paul Mouren
1983 Lanvéoc-Navale Benoît Caignaert
1984 Europe Philippe Hanin et Dominique d’Andrimont
1985 Côtes du Nord Yannick Dupetit
1986 Le Havre Benoît Caignaert
1987 Sète-Languedoc-Roussillon Pierre Mas et Bertrand Pacé
1988 Sète-Languedoc-Roussillon Pierre Mas et Bertrand Pacé
1989 Ronic Saône-et-Loire Richard Sautieux
1990 Wasquehal Hans Bousholte et Philippe Delhumeau
1991 La Ciotat Laurent Delage
1992 Sodifac-Roubaix Jimmy Pahun et Jean-Pierre Dick
1993 Saint-Quentin-en Yvelines Thierry Péponnet
1994 Saint-Pierre et Miquelon Alain Fédensieu
1995 Baume & Mercier – Force EDC-Paris Bernard Mallaret
1996 Edouard Leclerc – Région SCASO Vincent Fertin
1997 CSC - Sun Microsystems Bertrand Pacé et Philippe Guigné
1998 Nantes & Saint-Nazaire - Bouygues Telecom Luc Pillot
1999 Kateie Luc Dewulf
2000 Barlo Plastics Adrian Stead
2001 Virbac - St Raphaël - Générali Jean-Pierre Dick
2002 Nantes St Nazaire Pierre-Loïc Bethet
2003 CapSport Xavier Lecœur et Bernard Mallaret
2004 Bouygues Telecom Pierre Loïc Berthet
2005 Toulon Provence Méditerranée COYCHyères Fabien Henry

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