Husking Bee

Husking Bee was a Japanese Punk Rock band formed in 1994 that disbanded on March 6 2005.

HUSKING BEE was a popular Punk Japanese rock Band. According to Oricon, HUSKING BEE’s member were Isobe Masafumi(on Vocals), Kudo "Tekkin" Tetsuya(on Bass) and Hiramoto Leona (on Drums). They debuted in 1995 by "NOT SUPERSTITIOUS III". Then, Hirabayashi Kazuya, today the lead singer and guitarist to the band fine lines, Joined as a new member in 2002. They had many Japanese young fans, but they dissolved in January 2005. They did not mention any specific reasons for their dissolution.


Their sound is similar to that of the American band Jimmy Eat World, though they have been compared to Taking Back Sunday due to their dual emotionally charged vocalists, and impressive musicianship of the members. The rhythm section thrives in this band, able to create atmosphere with its own frantic, punchy playfulness.


  • GRIP (1996)
  • Put on Fresh Paint (1999)
  • The Sun and the Moon EP (2000)
  • FOUR COLOR PROBLEM (2001), distributed in the US by Doghouse Records
  • the steady-state theory (2002)
  • variandante (2004)
  • ANTHOLOGY [1994~2004] (2005)


  • Kazuya Hirabayashi provided the singing voice for the Koyuki Tanaka character, in the anime BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad. The band also contributed the song Brightest to the second original soundtrack.

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