Hume, Joseph

Hume, Joseph

Hume, Joseph, 1777-1855, English politician and reformer. Although a Tory in early life, he sat in Parliament from 1818 to 1855 (with only one interruption) as an indefatigable Radical. Hume was a leader in almost all the reform issues of the day. He fought for repeal of the Combination Acts (laws against the nascent labor unions) and for Catholic Emancipation, financial retrenchment, parliamentary reform, freedom of the press, free trade, colonial self-government, and disestablishment of the Church of Ireland.
Hume (Home is an older variant spelling of Hume, still used for the senior branches of the family) is a surname that originated in the South East of Scotland, of which the senior representatives are the Earls of Home. The name can refer to several people and places:


In fiction

  • Hume (see Ivalice), the name of the Human race in the computer role playing game series Final Fantasy
  • Desmond Hume, a fictional character on the television series Lost
  • Nick Hume, the protagonist of Death Sentence (film)




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