Huevos rancheros

Huevos rancheros

[Eng. wey-vohs rahn-chair-ohs, ran-; Sp. we-vaws rahn-che-raws]

Huevos rancheros (Ranch Eggs) is a classic Mexican breakfast dish similar to Huevos motuleños which has become popular throughout much of the Americas.

Huevos rancheros means "eggs ranch-style" or "eggs country-style" in Spanish. The dish traditionally was served at the large mid-morning breakfast, or almuerzo, on rural farms where workers had a much smaller meal at dawn.

The basic version of huevos rancheros consists of corn tortillas fried lightly, and fried eggs with a tomatochili sauce. Refried beans (frijoles refritos), slices of avocado, fried potatoes, and extra chili peppers are common accompaniments. Scrambled eggs can be used instead of fried eggs.

One popular variation is huevos divorciados (divorced eggs). This consists of two eggs served in the style of huevos rancheros, but with one egg smothered in red salsa and the other green salsa (salsa verde), separated by a wall of refried beans or chilaquiles.


As the popularity of the dish has spread beyond Mexico, variations have inevitably cropped up. The U.S. food writer Clementine Paddleford found a version in 1950s Texas that called for the eggs to be poached in a tomato-bacon sauce, and served on toast. More commonly, the variations involve flour tortillas instead of corn; pure chili sauce (or enchilada sauce) instead of tomato-chili; additions such as cheese, sausage, and sour cream; and garnishes of fresh tomatoes and lettuce. The use of pre-made salsa and packaged tortillas makes huevos rancheros considerably less labor-intensive.

Another variation, more favorable to younger children, has a soft flour tortilla spread with avocado, wrapped around fried eggs, bacon and baked beans and toasted, accompanied by sour cream, chile sauce or salsa, diced tomatoes and lettuce. Various spices or especias may be added to this variation.


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