Tubba-Bubba's Now Hubba-Hubba

Tubba-Bubba's Now Hubba-Hubba is the fifty-fifth episode of Robot Chicken.


Vampire 7:00-8:00AM

Drac always sleeps in.


Damn that pet sitter.

Pringles Fever

The fever for the flavor is fatal.

Voltron Force Assemble!

Robots are complicated.

Dr. Pepper

Head of the class at Pepper-Dyne University.

Planet of the Ape

Trapped on a planet where a single ape evolved from man!

Bear Takes a Bullet

One bear's love for his fellow... bear.

Pool Clog

This is a sign you should get a smaller filter.


Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Pac-Mantrix is; You have to see it for yourself.

Vampire 1:00-2:00PM

Wait for it...

Mouse Pardon

Mice, though nimble, are not always fast enough.

Where In Time Is My Broken Heart

Kevin Shinick finally gets even with that bitch, and we don't mean Carmen.

It Happened In Battle

What happens in battle, stays in your butt.

Girls Gone Wild: Cenobitchs

A new front for Girls Gone Wild host and allerged rapist Joe Francis.

Vampire 8:00-9:00PM

A terrorist hijacking that only a bloodthirsty vampire- and terrible puns- can stop.


  • Seth Green - Announcer, Voltron Member, Taylor, Pool Repairman, Mouse Warden, Kid, Great Mazinger, Pinhead, GGW Announcer, Girl, Dracula's Boss, Terrorist, Van Helsing
  • Mocean Melvin - Narrator, Ape, Dracula
  • Breckin Meyer - Superman, Pilot, Kid, Joseph R. Francis, First Suspect
  • Dan Milano - Voltron Member, Second Suspect
  • Tom Root - Doctor, Professor
  • Kevin Shinick - Voltron Leader, Time Pilot/Himself
  • Mindy Sterling - The Chief, Flight Attendant


  • This episode originally aired unannounced as part of Adult Swim's April Fools' Day lineup.
  • This episode also aired as part of Adult Swim's 2008 4th of July lineup.
  • This episode is the second episode of season three, but was on hold due to a casting issue.

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