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Lord of Universe Church

The Lord of Universe Church (Traditional Chinese: 天帝教) is an international religious organization based in the Republic of China (Taiwan) which is devoted to the "T'ienti Teachings" proclaimed by the late Lee Yü-chieh. It is a splinter religion from Tiender (founded 1923) which is closely related to Confucianism and Taoism. It emphasizes chanting, traditional medicine, and a form of meditation which it calls "quiet sitting" in English.

Yü-chieh was born in Mainland China. He worked in the Kuomintang but left in 1958 to ensure political independence for his fledgling newspaper. In 1980 he was given permission by God to re-release the T'ienti Teachings, which emphasize nuclear disarmament and Chinese unification. His book, The Ultimate Realm, was translated into Japanese and English under his guidance.


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