Burns Howff

The Burns Howff is probably the best known Rock and Blues music venue in Glasgow. It was located on West Regent Street in the city centre and established a reputation as the launch pad for many Scottish musicians.

Burns Howff resident bands included Power, that later changed name to Stone the Crows. This band featured Maggie Bell on vocals, and James Dewar on bass guitar. James Dewar, known as Jimmy Dewar later formed The Robin Trower Band with ex Procol Harum guitarist Robin Trower and drummer Reg Isadore.

It was in Burns Howff that Alex Harvey met with the musicians who were to become the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

Other bands which played at Burns Howff included Beggars Opera and Chou Pahrot.

Shortly before it closed a recording studio was installed on the premises. This was a rather modest affair that was housed in what was essentially a walk in cupboard. The studio was popular with local bands, and clients included Johnny and the Self Abusers who were playing regularly at another Glasgow music pub called The Mars Bar, that featured mainly Punk acts. Johnny and the Self Abusers later changed their name to Simple Minds.

Burns Howff finally closed in 1984.


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