How Do You Do (Shakira song)

For the Roxette song, see: "How Do You Do!"
"How Do You Do" is a controversial pop song found on Oral Fixation Vol. 2 (2005), the second English language album released by Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira. This song was released on September 2005 (along with "Don't Bother") by Sony as a promo single to PromoSquad.

Controversy regarding lyrical content

"How Do You Do" caused some controversy in Muslim nations, because it might offend people for its content, which some feel questions the existence and the attitudes of God. Because of that, the song was banned from the album in its release in the Middle East (except in Lebanon, the country where the singer's father is from). The album cover was also altered in several of these countries; in the album available in these regions, Shakira appears behind a bush, which covers her from her breasts down, instead of covering her breasts and showing her belly, as on the original cover.


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