housing project

Housing Project (album)

Housing Project is John Hartford's fourth album, released in 1968. Like all of his RCA recordings, it was reissued in 2002 as part of a "twofer" CD, combined with his third album, The Love Album.

Track listing

All songs written by John Hartford.

  1. "Housing Project"
  2. "I'm Still Here"
  3. "Crystallia Daydream"
  4. "The Girl with the Long Brown Hair"
  5. "I Didn't Know the World Would Last This Long"
  6. "The Sailboat Song"
  7. "The Category Stomp"
  8. "Go Fall Asleep Now"
  9. "My Face"
  10. "Big Blue Balloon"
  11. "In Like Of"
  12. "Shiny Rails of Steel"

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