Punahou School alumni

Shown below is a list of notable graduates, students who attended, and former faculty of Punahou School.

*indicates attended Punahou but did not graduate with senior class.

Numerous athletic, educational, cultural, business, and government leaders of significance to the State of Hawaii have been excluded, as well as all University of Hawaii and other State of Hawaii educators.

Olympic athletes, medalists and other world champions

Athletics (Track and Field)

  • Duncan Macdonald — 1976 (coach)
  • '72 Henry Marsh (BYU) — 1976, 1980 US boycott, 1984, 1988

Beach volleyball


Dressage (Equestrian)


  • '92 Kathy Colin (Washington) — 2000, 2004
  • '97 Andrew Bussey (UC Irvine) — 2004



  • '24* Mariechen Wehselau Jackson — 1924 gold and silver medalist (attended 1912-23)
  • '25* Warren Kealoha — 1920 gold medalist (youngest male US gold in swimming), 1924 gold medalist (attended 1920-22)
  • '27 Buster Crabbe (Southern Cal) — 1928 bronze medalist, 1932 gold medalist (see also below)
  • '47 Richard Cleveland (Hawaii, Ohio State) — 1952 (see also below)
  • Lillian "Pokey" Watson (Richardson) 1964 gold medalist (youngest female US gold in swimming), 1968 gold medalist (trustee's spouse)
  • '67 Brent Thales Berk (Stanford) — 1968
  • '76 Chris Woo (Indiana) — 1976 gold medalist
  • '09 Christel Simms — 2008 qualifier for Beijing


  • Sharon Peterson — 1964, 1968 (coach)
  • '66 Miki Briggs McFadden (USC) — 1968
  • '69 Dodge Parker (Long Beach) — 1968
  • Barbara Perry — 1968 (teacher)
  • '91 Stein Metzger (UCLA) — 2004
  • '91 Kevin Wong (UCLA) — 2004
  • '92 Mike Lambert (Stanford) — 1996, 2000
  • '98 Lindsey Berg (Minnesota) — 2004, 2008 silver medalist

Water polo

Other world champion athletes

Professional athletes and coaches





Leading medical doctors

Professional society and government leaders

Other prominently published medical researchers

  • '36* Harrison Latta (UCLA) — Emeritus Professor of Pathology at UCLA (attended 1928-33)
  • '51 William P. Tunell (Notre Dame) — Professor and Chief of Pediatric Surgery, University of Oklahoma
  • '57* Cordelia Hartwell Puttkammer (Tufts) — Professor at Howard University, Working with Substance-exposed Children and My Motor Baby (attended 1951-54)
  • '65 W. Jonathan Lederer (Harvard) — Professor of Physiology at Maryland
  • '66 Earl R. Shelton (Stanford) — Researcher at Syntex
  • '69 Dale T. Umetsu (Columbia) — Endowed Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard
  • '60 Dean T. Yamaguchi (Northwestern) — Clinical Investigator of Cancer at VA Medical Center, LA
  • '73 James D. Oliver III (Naval Academy) — Major and Fellow of Nephrology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  • '75 Nelson L. Michael (UCLA) — Colonel and Director of Retrovirology at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
  • '75 Lance S. Terada (Amherst) — Professor of Internal Medicine at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • '77 Hyo-Chun Yoon (Harvard) — Department of Radiological Sciences at UCLA
  • '78 Raymond T. Chung (Harvard) — Professor of Medicine at Harvard
  • '78 Martha Stricklin Heppard(Harvard) —, Acute Obstetrics
  • '79 Theodore R. Cummins (Swarthmore) — Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Indiana
  • '79 Mahesh Mankani (Stanford) — Professor of Surgery at UCSF
  • '79 Arno J. Mundt (Stanford) — Chair of Radiation Oncology at UCSD
  • '79 Annabelle A. Okada (Harvard) — Fulbright Scholar, Professor of Medicine at Kyorin U (Tokyo), Practical Manual of Ocular Inflammation
  • '79 Karen K. Takane (Michigan) — Research Professor of Medicine at U Pittsburgh
  • '79 Hal F. Yee (Brown) — Head of Gastroenterology and Interim Chief of Medicine at UCSF
  • '79 Alan R. Yuen (Berkeley) — Professor of Medicine at Stanford Medical
  • '80 Daniel C. Chung (Harvard) — Professor of Medicine at Harvard
  • '84 Jason T. Kimata (Carleton) — Professor of Microbiology at Baylor

Other clinical faculty at top medical schools

  • '32 Andrew S. Wong (Yale) — Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at Yale
  • '37* M. Neil MacIntyre (Michigan) — Professor of Anatomy and Human Genetics at Case Western (attended 1931-35)
  • '50 Ray Maesaka (Harvard) — Director of Dentistry at Indiana, Maesaka Award (Indiana University School of Dentistry)
  • '52 Wilfred Morioka (Princeton) — Professor of Surgery at UCSD
  • '53 John Maesaka (Harvard) — Emeritus Director of Nephrology at Long Island Jewish Medical Center and Winthrop University
  • '63 William R. Sexson (Air Force Academy) — Clinical Dean and Professor of Pediatrics at Emory
  • '64 Stephen W. Wong — Professor of Ophthalmology at Temple
  • '69 Clifford W. Lo (UCLA) — Fulbright Scholar, Director of Human Nutrition and Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard
  • '71 Jan H. Wong (Stanford) — Professor of Surgery at UCLA
  • '72 Nancy Morioka-Douglas (Stanford) — Chief of Family Medicine at Stanford
  • '75 Michelle Y. Braunfeld (Michigan) — Professor of Anesthesiology at UCLA
  • '77 Sidney Ontai (Harvard) — Professor of Family Medicine at USC
  • '78 Dimitri Voulgaropoulos (Harvard) — Professor of Anaesthesiology at Arizona
  • '79 Scott Oishi (Washington STL) — Professor of Surgery at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
  • '80 Elizabeth Blair (Creighton) — Professor of Surgery at U Chicago

Other leading educators and researchers


Law and business


Logic, philosophy, mathematics, computing and engineering

  • '81 Robert C. Zak, Jr. (MIT) — patent holder on variable-refresh DRAM, other computing architectures
  • '82 Chau Wen Tseng (Harvard) — Professor of Computer Science at U Maryland
  • '89 Herbie K. H. Lee III (Yale) — Professor of Statistics at UC Santa Cruz, Multiscale Modeling and Bayesian Nonparametrics

Social science

Arts and humanities

Civil rights leaders

Other elected representatives, government appointees, judges

US Congressional representatives

  • '15 Joseph Farrington (Wisconsin) — Republican US Congressman from Hawaii 1943-54
  • '39* Otis Pike (Princeton) — Democratic US Congressman from New York 1961-79, decorated USMC World War II pilot, known for work on environment, Pike Committee investigations of Richard Nixon's intelligence abuses, Otis G. Pike Wilderness Area (Long Island, NY) (attended 1927-29)
  • '79 Barack Obama, Jr. (Columbia) — 2008 Democratic nominee for United States President, Democratic US Senator from Illinois 2004-present, lecturer at U Chicago Law School, two bestselling books, Grammy Award winner

Presidential appointees

Other representatives and appointees

  • '05 Lawrence M. Judd (Penn) — Seventh Territorial Governor of Hawaii
  • '23 Rhoda V. Lewis (Stanford) — early woman state Supreme Court Judge considered for federal bench according to Time magazine, "Her honor takes the bench
  • '54 Patricia Hudson Birdsall — Councilwoman, served as Mayor of Temecula 1992 and 1997, Patricia H. Birdsall Sports Park (Temecula, CA) named for her
  • '56* Jana Gilpin Haehl (San Francisco) — Mayor of Corte Madera 1975-1979, environmental activist, member of Barbara Boxer's staff (attended 1947-49)
  • '57 Henry S. Richmond (Williams) — US Consul General for Durban (Saudi Arabia) and Nagoya (Japan)
  • '59* David A. Pabst (Dartmouth) — US Consul General for Osaka-Kobe (Japan) (attended 1954-56)
  • '61 Peter J. Levinson (Brandeis) — US House of Representatives Legal Counsel, majority counsel during impeachment of Bill Clinton
  • '62 Ronald E. Cox (West Point) — Presiding Chief Judge, Washington State Court of Appeals
  • '64 Jonathan Jay Healy (Williams) — Massachusetts state legislator and State Commissioner of Food and Agriculture
  • '64* James F. Lawrence (Jr.?) (North Carolina) — Department of State Director of Weapons Removal and Abatement (attended 1960-63)
  • '75 Mary Fairhurst (Gonzaga) — Justice of Washington State Supreme Court
  • '76 David Jesmer (West Point) — US Embassy Military Attache to Syria
  • '9? E. Peter Giambastiani III (Annapolis) — chief policy advisor to Republican US Congressman Jeff Miller from Florida (son of Edmund Giambastiani II, Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff)

Military leaders and heroes




Air Force


Musicians and composers

  • '12 Robert Alexander Anderson (Cornell) — World War I downed pilot, subject of film The Dawn Patrol, composer of Hawaiian standards Mele Kalikimaka, Lovely Hula Hands
  • '52* Dave Guard (Stanford) — Kingston Trio founder (attended 1946-51)
  • '52 Bob Shane (Menlo) — Kingston Trio founding guitarist
  • '55 Joy Davidson (Occidental) — mezzo-soprano, Carmen in Miami, San Francisco, Santa Fe, and NYC
  • '59 Robin Luke (Pepperdine) — early rockabilly singer, Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Susie Darlin #5 hit, then Professor and Head of Marketing, Southwest Missouri State University
  • '73 Henry Akina (Tufts) — co-founder, Berliner Kammeroper (Berlin Chamber Opera)
  • '76 Audy Kimura — Singer, musician
  • '77 Conrad Herwig (N Texas State) — Grammy Award-nominated jazz trombonist, recorded 17 albums as leader, Professor of Jazz at Rutgers
  • '78 Bruce Uchimura (Juilliard) — Professor of Music, Western Michigan University, cello
  • '79 Robert Bruce Brey (Columbia) musician guitar, Strangers Band new album 2008
  • '00 Melody Ishikawa "melody." — J-pop artist, albums hit #3, #5, and #6 in Japan

Broadway stage and dance performers

TV and film performers

Other entertainment industry producers

Business leaders and philanthropists

Major philanthropists

Other charitable and development business leaders

  • '34 Richard Tam (Stanford) — Las Vegas developer, honorary LLD from UNLV, Richard Tam Alumni Center (UNLV) named for him
  • '52 Hugh T. Murphy (Berkeley) — Director at IRRI, Trustee of AsiaRice USA, development banker at World Bank
  • '52 John Bowman O'Donnell (Stanford) — decorated USAID official, nonprofit fundraising
  • '56* W. Robert Warne (Princeton) — President of Korea Economic Institute of America (attended 1953-55)
  • '63 Christopher T. Prukop (Middelbury) — Leadership Gifts Officer, World Society for the Protection of Animals
  • '65 Erik Holtedahl (Oslo) — Chairman of Scanteam, Norwegian NGO international development consultants
  • '67 Suzanne M. Sato (Harvard/Radcliffe) — VP of AT&T Foundation and VP for Arts and Culture at Rockefeller Foundation
  • '86 Melinda Tuan (Harvard) — Sr. Fellow at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Other founders and CEOs

Other business leaders

  • '30 David L. Livingston (Yale) — VP of City Bank and Trust (now Citibank)
  • '37* Richard H. Ward (Stanford) — Chairman of the Board of Del Monte (attended 1925-35)
  • '43* Thomas R. Hodge (Yale) — division manager for AT&T, subject of New York Times "Retired Executives Return as Volunteers" (attended 1933-42)
  • '43* Henry M. Morgan (MIT) — Partner of Innovative Capital (attended 1931-42)
  • '48 Thomas E. Warne (Cal) — VP of Dole Food Company
  • '59* E. Alan Holroyde (Stanford) — executive VP of Wells Fargo Bank (attended 1946-55)
  • '66 Carter Pruyn Reynolds (Endicott) — Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, Senior VP at Bankers Trust
  • '67 Lloyd M. Oki (Northwestern) — VP at Pixsense, Senior VP at Clickmarks, Director of Sales at Compaq
  • '68 J. Eric Greenwood (Rutgers) — VP of Goldman Sachs and trustee of Foreign Policy Research Institute
  • '70 Toni Shimura (Wellesley) — VP of Eaton Vance
  • '70 Jerene Yokoyama Wachtel (Mount Holyoke) — VP of Chemical Bank
  • '71 John G. Ripperton (U Redlands) — Senior VP of Radio Shack, Navy Commander
  • '72 John Landers (Harvard) — Managing Director of Morgan Stanley
  • '74 Penelope Van Niel Engle (Princeton) — VP of JPMorgan Chase
  • '74 Tedmund W. Pryor (UC Santa Cruz) — Senior VP of Capital Funding at GE Capital
  • '76 Mary Machado-Schammel (Georgetown) — Senior VP of Standard Chartered Bank
  • '77 Jeff Lum (Santa Clara) — Early VP and Director of Sales of Microsoft
  • '77 Duncan MacNichol (Princeton) — VP of JP Morgan, Senior VP of NationsBank
  • '77 Charles (Chuck) Yort (Princeton) — VP of Plantronics, Venturi Wireless and Polyfuel
  • '78 Jordan Graham (USC) — VP of Cisco Systems
  • '78 Pamela Hamamoto (Stanford) — VP of Goldman Sachs
  • '78 Paul David Rezents (U Washington) — Senior VP of Heitman Capital/Real Estate
  • '79 Robert W. Hong (Williams) — Managing Director, Salomon Smith Barney
  • '82 Janice L. Vorfeld (Dartmouth) — Senior VP at Charles Schwab
  • '83 Rainer Michael Blair (Massachusetts) — Group VP (North America) of BASF
  • '84 Nina Ebert Labatt (Stanford) — CFO of Labrador Ventures (see List of venture capital firms)
  • '84 Tiffani Bova (Arizona State) — VP Research, Technology and Solution Providers, Gartner

Cultural notables

Authors and editors

  • '39 Nancy Hartung Holmes — editor of Worth (magazine), Town & Country (magazine), photographer for Daily Mail, model, and New York socialite, author of best-seller Nobody's Fault
  • '44* Mary H. Davidson Swift (Vassar) — founding editor and chief photographer of Washington Review (attended 1940-42)
  • '53 Dorinda Stagner Nicholson (UH) — Pearl Harbor Child, Pearl Harbor Warriors, Remember World War II
  • '60* Christina Goodale Grof (Sarah Lawrence) — Psychedelic literature author, spouse and co-author of Stanislav Grof (attended 1951-58)
  • '64 Perrin Ireland (Randolph-Macon) — author of Ana Imagined and Chatter, arts leader with CPB and NEA
  • '65* Stephen Eaton Hume (Trinity) — author of award-winning children's books, A Miracle for Maggie (attended 1953-55)
  • '67 Gerald W. Sams (Georgia Tech) — AIA Guide to the Architecture of Atlanta
  • '69* William J. Lambert III (Hillsdale) — author of at least twelve science fiction books under pseudonyms (attended 1956-65)
  • '71 Richard Sia (Harvard) — Senior Editor of Congress Daily
  • '72 David Ranada (Harvard) — editor of Stereo Review and High Fidelity
  • '73 Kirby Wright (UH) — Punahou Blues, Molokai Ahi Nui
  • '74 Shannon Brownlee (Santa Cruz) — journalist, Associate Editor of US News & World Report, Science writing award
  • '74 Robert S. Sandla (UH) — Editor in Chief, Symphony (magazine) and Stagebill (see Playbill)
  • '76 Kathleen Norris (poet) (Bennington) — best-selling Christian spiritual poet and essayist, Dakota: A Spiritual Geography
  • '78* Gale Pryor (Cornell) — author of Nursing Mother, Working Mother and current edition coauthor of Nursing your Baby with mother Karen Pryor (attended 1972-76)
  • '85 Allegra Goodman (Harvard) — author of award-winning The Family Markowitz

Other cultural notables

Notable former faculty and staff

  • Nick Bozanic — former English teacher, winner of Anhinga Prize for Poetry for The Long Drive Home
  • Edward Lane-Reticker — former Latin and Greek teacher, directed banking and law centers at Boston University
  • Henry Wells Lawrence — former Computing teacher, commanded 339th Fighter Squadron in World War II, one of the first US pilots in the air during Attack on Pearl Harbor; Distinguished Flying Cross and Purple Heart
  • Queenie B. Mills — former Director of Kindergarten, University of Illinois Head of Human Development Department, helped design the Head Start Program and programs for animal visits to nursing home residents
  • Susan Tolman Mills — former principal, founder of Mills College
  • Siegfried Ramler — English teacher, author of Teaching Poetry Writing to Adolescents
  • Willard Warch — former schoolmaster, Professor of Music at Oberlin College, author of texts such as Music for Study and Beethoven's Use of Intermediate Keys, World War II Army Air Corps Band


Additional references

The main reference for this page is the Punahou School Alumni Directory 1841-1991 Harris Publishing, New York, 1991.

Further reading

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