household knight

Visconde do Banho

Viscount Banho – title created by H.M. Queen Maria II, of Portugal, by decree dated 21st July 1835, in favour of Alaxandre Tomás de Morais Sarmento, natual son, legitimated with his brother the 1st Baron and 1st Viscount Torre de Moncorvo, of Tomás Inácio de Morais Sarmento. The 1st Viscount was Member of the Chamber of Lords, Minister of Portugal in Madrid, Knight of the Royal Household, Knight Great Cross of the Order of Isabel, the Catholic, of Spain, etc. He married on he 10th May 1816 D. Maria dos Prazeres Girão de Souza e Mello, Dame of the Order of Maria Luiza, of Spain, descendent of he Souza e Mello Girão, Lords of the Manor of Corujeira, in Vouzela, Portugal, and later Viscounts São Jorge.

The 2nd Viscount was Tomás Inácio Girão de Morais Sarmento, who did not marry and had no successor.

The 3rd Viscount was Júlio Girão Faria de Morais Sarmento, nephew of the 1st Viscount. He was M.P., Governor of Coimbra and Minister of Justice. He was a great defender of the dinastic principles.

The 4th Viscount was José Júlio Castilho Girão de Morais Samento, Register of the Civil Service in Viseu, allowed to use the title by H.M. King Manuel II, in 1929, when in exile.

It is now 5th Viscount José Anónio de Morais Sarmento Moniz, great-son of he 4th Viscount.


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