house-hold ammonia

Bystand Me

Bystand Me is the 188th episode of the FOX comedy King of the Hill.


Hank makes Bobby take a paper route when there are new owners of the Arlen Bystander. Peggy, getting tips from Minh and Minh's mother-in-law, is hired for writing a "House-hold Hints" column. Bobby gives Dale his paper route, while Bobby sleeps in the back of Dale's mini-van, the "Bug-A-Bago", until he has to go to school. After Mihn and her mother-in-law get into an argument, Peggy is left with no more hints.

Finally, she comes up with something: mixing ammonia and bleach to create a brand-new cleaner. Hank, because of his father who would mix up a batch for VJ day, knows that mixing ammonia and bleach is the recipe for mustard gas, but the Arlen Bystander is already being printed for the next morning, when Peggy's deadly column will be revealed. Hank and Peggy set out to stop the newspapers from being delivered, with the help of the former delivery man, "Ol' Harve", and his buddies. They complete their mission, although Hank learns that Dale is delivering Bobby's newspapers.


  • The title is a reference to the song or film Stand By Me.
  • Upon learning about her error, Peggy screams in a similar fashion to Hank's.
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