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Ill Repute

Ill Repute is an American hardcore punk band from Oxnard, California, formed in 1981.

Their record What Happens Next? (What Happened Then? on CD) holds high status in many hardcore circles. It is notable for its cover of the 1970s pop music hit "Cherokee Nation", an anomaly for hardcore punk bands of the era.

The band broke up in July 2004 after a short tour of Hawaii with the Oahu band 8mm Overdose. Ill Repute briefly reformed again (minus founding guitarist Tony Cortez) to tour Hawaii in 2006 again with 8mm Overdose. The lead guitarist, Tony Cortez (original band member) is considered the "Mayor of Nardcore."

Ill Repute has reformed with original members, (except Carl Valdez replaced by Chuck Shultz) they played one show in Ventura, CA in December 16th which they claimed was to be their last show, but have since reformed.

Ill Repute original lineup

  • John Phaneuf - Vocals
  • Tony Cortez - Guitar
  • Jim Callahan - Bass
  • Carl Valdez - Drums


  • Oxnard - Land of No Toilets 7", Mystic 1983
  • What Happens Next 12", Mystic 1984
  • Nardcore Compilation LP, Mystic 1984
  • Halloween/Live at Mystic 7", Mystic 1984
  • COPulation - The Sound of Hollywood Compilation LP, Mystic 1984
  • Omelette LP, Mystic 1985
  • Mystic Super Seven Sampler #1 Compilation 7", Mystic 1985
  • Transition LP, Mystic 1989
  • Big Rusty Balls CD, Dr. Strange Records 1994
  • Positive Charged CD, GTA 1997
  • BLEED CD, Edge Records 1997
  • And Now... CD, Edge Records 1998
  • Welcome To The Neighborhood Compilation CD, Let Them Eat Records 2005
  • LIVE CD, Let Them Eat Records 2005


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