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Housebreak Hotel

"Housebreak Hotel" is an episode of Garfield and Friends. It originally aired on December 02, 1989.

Episode recap

Jon is planning to go out of town, but none of his friends want to look after Garfield and Odie while he's away, thus forcing him to put them in a pet shelter. Garfield isn't very keen on the idea, at least until he sees a commercial on the TV about a "grand" pet hotel called Housebreak Hotel.

At Housebreak Hotel, Garfield, Jon, and Odie meet Howie, the smug owner of the hotel, who assures Jon that his pets will be taken good care of. As Jon leaves, the servants take Garfield and Odie to their rooms, which are revealed to be dull, dark storage areas where the pets are kept in cages. The hotel is actually a pet abusing scam which is illegal but Howie knows that.

Things get much worse when Howie serves up slop to the pets as their dinner. Garfield refuses to eat it, so Howie orders his goons to force-feed Garfield the food.

Later, as he's inside his cage, Garfield can't take anymore, so he escapes his cage by shaking it open, then releases all the other pets, causing them to escape, as well as rescuing Odie. With his business ruined, Howie tells Garfield that he'll do anything just to get rid of Garfield. Garfield has a great idea in mind...

A few days later, Jon arrives at Hotel LePosh and finds both Garfield and Odie there, relaxing in a luxury room. Jon is enraged by how much this will cost, only to find out that Housebreak Hotel are paying for Garfield and Odie's hotel bill. And so, Jon decides to relax with Garfield and Odie in Hotel LePosh.


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