hotel detective

(She Was A) Hotel Detective

(She Was A) Hotel Detective is a song, an EP and a song trilogy by They Might Be Giants.

The song first appears on They Might Be Giants (album).

The entire contents of the EP also appear on the compilation album Miscellaneous T; everything except the first track is included on Then: The Earlier Years.

EP Track listing

  1. "(She Was A) Hotel Detective" (single mix)
  2. "For Science"
  3. "Kiss Me, Son of God"
  4. "The Biggest One"
  5. "Mr. Klaw"

Hotel Detective Trilogy

The song (She Was A) Hotel Detective was found on They Might Be Giants' first album and was followed up by the very different She Was A Hotel Detective on the Back To Skull EP and later (She Was A) Hotel Detective In The Future, released on the band's podcast, and on the Cast Your Pod To The Wind CD that accompanied early pressings of The Else.

The release order of the tracks is canonical to the story. In the first track, she is actively working as a detective at the hotel (She's got her ear to the walls and she's tappin' the calls), later we catch up with her and she's become very rich and has changed her occupation, though it is unclear if she's still doing detective work. With riches, she has become extremely powerful and is "now running the world". In the final song, she has survived long past her years and has had several modifications to her person (She had a hundred mechanical fingers).

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